Preparing Smoked Meat

4 Tips For Preparing Smoked Meat

One thing that we have realized over the years is that there are very few things in life that tend to be more delicious than smoked meat. The process of smoking meat is both a science and an art. If you ask ten different pitmasters about the process, you will probably get ten different answers regarding process, style and more. Smoking came up as a way of preserving food during times when chemicals and refrigerators were not known about. There are whole books written on smoking, but contrary to what people believe, it does not take years to learn the right way of smoking meat. Go through the information provided below and dive straight into smoking meat like a professional within just one day.

4 Tips For Preparing Smoked Meat
4 Tips For Preparing Smoked Meat

Get The Right Kind Of Smoker

First things first, you will definitely need a good quality smoker. The type of smoker that you will require will completely depend on the type of smoking you have your hands on. Anyways, one thing that you must ensure is that you should have good skills in using the tool. Go through the instruction manual properly in order to avoid chances of overcooking meat or undercooking meat. You would not like to have your guests leaving dissatisfied with the food served at the barbeque party.

Keep The Heat Steady And Low

There is no need for you to have decades of practice in order to go smoking. However, it is to be understood that smoking is more demanding than the process of preparing grilled cheese. The very first thing that you need to work on is the heat. The temperature should be kept low for a very long span of time. Also, you need to be aware of the smoke that should be kept on for several hours. The entire process can duly be accomplished by keeping the heat low and steady. In barbequing, things would be a little different. You cannot place the entire meat directly on the mass of heated coals. Rather, you would have to use indirect heat where the meat is placed on that part of the grill that lies beside and not on top of the coals.

Know How To Work With Hardwood

Smoking- as the name suggests, requires hardwood such as apple, oak, pecan, mesquite, and hickory. Regardless of the type of hardwood you are choosing, it is necessary to soak it in water for an hour prior to adding it to the flames. This is important because wet wood smokes and smolders for several hours. Fresh wood generally burns away within twenty minutes. Meat can also be smoked using charcoal and gas grills. There are affordable kettle-style grills available in the market that would suit your budget. Then there are the Japanese-style grills that look similar to the outdoor ovens.

4 Tips For Preparing Smoked Meat

Take Care Of Other Tools

Apart from charcoal and hardwood, you will require accessories like a culinary brush for swabbing meat with sauce; mop for applying sauce and rib rack for holding the ribs on their sides.

The industry for barbeque can offer a wide assortment of gadgets for preparing smoked meat but patience and time are important things that you need to work on.

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