Buying Fresh Meat

5 Tips On Buying Fresh Meat

Meat is undoubtedly a tasty food loved by a large number of people on this planet. However, chances are that it can even turn out to be a very dangerous food depending on how you get it. With more and more consumers becoming conscious about the food products that they eat on a regular basis and the way it influences the environment, is it actually a possibility to be a fully aware carnivore? That is the idea behind this detailing that will provide you with some guidelines on what you need to look out for when buying fresh meat.

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5 Tips On Buying Fresh Meat
5 Tips On Buying Fresh Meat

See If The Meat Has Been Butchered Perfectly

Always have in mind to purchase your meat supply from an experienced butcher. Odds are, the collection will be of much higher quality and fresher than places that sell poorly-butchered meat. If you find smooth and clean cuts that are of the same thickness and size; that is a sign of well-butchered meat. On the other hand, if you find hacked pieces showing jagged edges, it is time for you to move.

Check The Meat Color

The meat color has a lot to say about it being fresh or not. If you are buying poultry meat then it should be light pink or white. Ensure that the meat that you are buying does not show a kind of green tinge and this goes special under the wings. You should also look out for blood clots and bruises on the surface. When buying red meat, make sure that it has a bright red appearance. Vacuum packed meats can be a bit brown. These are also good quality meat varieties that can last for a very long time.

Examine The Firmness

If the meat that you are buying is fresh then it will spring back when you press it with your fingers. Always keep in mind that meat loses its firmness if it is left out for a very long span of time. Hence, if your fingers leave behind an indentation then it is not the right pick for your grocery tow. At the same time, you should also examine the meat fibers. Pick the ones that show even and tight muscle fibers. Meat with broken, uneven or loose fibers is likely of doubtful or questionable quality.

Smell It

Yes, it sounds a bit weird but you must always smell meat before buying it. If you fail to do so then chances are that you might not be able to notice anything unusual. It should not smell like anything really. Remember, lamb meat will have a wild animal or gamey smell which is quite normal. However, make sure that it does not smell like ammonia, bleach or anything soiled.

5 Tips On Buying Fresh Meat
5 Tips On Buying Fresh Meat

Analyze The Texture

Poultry meat should be tight and its muscle fibers should be clearly visible. Avoid buying slimy meat or one that is sticky. Also, it must not appear watery and translucent when cut. For red meat, its fat should not be yellow and it should not fall off very easily when cut.

Now that you have been successful in getting fresh meat, it is time for you to store it perfectly for retaining its freshness.

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