A guide to help you out in the choice of best meat for grilling burgers

best meat for grilling burgers

Burgers are the best fast food which is loved by children as well as adults. A good barbeque can be transformed into a great one with the help of the king of cookouts- the fantastic homemade burger. The meat which you use in a burger decides its quality so in this article we will be discussing the best meat quality for burgers and why self grinded beef works wonders.

The Choice of Right Meat-

grilled meat

Mainly beef is the meat which is mostly used for making burger patties but you should not feel restricted to using only beef but you can use an array of meat options for making a burger patty. Chicken, pork, turkey and all forms of exotic meats are very much suited for making a burger patty. You can use an array of meat mixture to make your own signature burger by adding a number of meats. You should just concentrate on the kind of meat, freshly ground meat usage, how course it is grinded and its fat percentage.

Usage of Fresh Ground meat-

grilled meat

You should always choose freshly ground meat in comparison to store bought ground meat because when you prepare your own meat you can decide the fat percentage of your burger, you can also avoid certain meat components such as esophagus, diaphragm etc and your own ground meat is cheaper than any other store bought ground meat. If you ground your own meat you will be able to know what meat you have in your burger.

Optimum Fat percentage of a Burger beef

A good burger has all the characteristics of being juicy, full of flavours and it is so impactful that it does not disintegrate when you pick it up. The textures of a burger can be controlled if you can control the fat percentage of your ground meat. Your mix should contain 15-20 percent of fat which is enough for giving you a good flavoured and juicy burger. Best beef sirloin can tempt you to use it in your burger but this meat is too lean and your burger will dry out very fast similarly fatty steaks like ribeye contains a lot of flavour and if you add this in your burger your burger will have flavours but it will fall apart once you try to pick it up.

Types of meat cut for grilling burgers-

When it’s about beef burgers you should go for humble beef chuck, chuck steak, brisket, boneless short rib and sirloin.


Grinding meat on your own is the best if you are planning to make a burger. You should follow the ratio of 80/20 for getting the best meat for your burger patty. By using some juicy and flavourful meat you will have an amazing burger on your own table plates.

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