A Hamburger Meat Recipe That Can Offer Meagree

hamburger meat recipe

Classic hamburger meat recipe begins with a slice of the beef fat. This is to make sure that the fat does not stick to the meat or become puffy in any places, this is also to make sure that the flavor of the beef is preserved. In most cases the patty is then formed into two or three sections. The traditional recipe may include salt and pepper or other spice depending on your taste. You can of course just use the common ingredients like butter and onions. I am going to go through each of these steps to help you cook this traditional recipe.


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You need to remove all the external skin on the beef first by removing all the fat. In most cases you could leave some of it behind but for those who are into healthy food this is not necessary. Make sure that you then clean the fat with a knife using cold water and kosher salt. When this is done, you then need to rub this mixture of ingredients with a mixture of butter and onions. You should then let this dry and drain away. The mixture you used should have about half a cup of butter and one-third cup of onions.


After you have cleaned and ground up the mixture you should then re-shape the patties according to the original recipe. Place the pattie in a pan which has warmed up enough. You then cover this over medium heat for about two hours until the patties are fully cooked. At this point in the recipe you should have about two cups of burgers.

Hamburgers should be served hot when they are made with this type of recipe. If they are served at room temperature they will lack the desired texture and flavor. To add to the texture and flavor you can place fresh onions on top of the meat after it has been wrapped in aluminum foil. Just make sure that the onions are chopped and cooked before adding to the recipe.

Add All The Ingredients

Add All the ingredients back to the marinade and mix well. You then continue to cook the mixture for another two hours, turning the burgers over every hour. You will then take the first ones out once they are done and keep the rest cooking in the same way. It is important that you cook the recipe exactly as the original does in order to get that great taste.

If you are looking for a healthier version of the traditional hamburger you may want to consider making some lean cuts of ground beef that you can add to your recipe. Making hamburger meat sandwiches is also very simple. You will want to first marinate the cuts of meat in the juice of a lime and then add them to a bun. To enhance the flavor you may add lettuce, tomato, cilantro, pickles or chilies.

Another choice for the meat sandwich is to make a pita sandwich. You will need to make some wheat bread with some tomato sauce and some lettuce slices on it. Then use the pita to make a sandwich. Spread some tomato sauce on the bread, place the meat on top and then add lettuce and tomatoes. Make sure to eat this while it is still hot.

Final Thoughts

It is important to remember to drink plenty of water when cooking your meat meals. Never make the mistake of overcooking the meat. Cook it until it is falling apart or you will find that it is difficult to make the recipe nutritious for everyone to eat. As well, if you have children they will not like eating something that is not fit for human consumption. If you serve this hamburger recipe to your family at home, you will be surprised how well it goes.

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