Appealing Slides Right Unto Your Fingers, Tucks into Your Palm, and Peels Anything You Can Get!

New technology and tools have made our life easier and here is a product which is one of the best whenever you plan for a picnic or even at your homes. The peeler might be small in size but it is quite efficient and people have loved the product. The mini pocketable ceramic peeler can be carried inside a pocket and in case you need something to cut then you can have that right inside your pocket. There is no need to buy a new one which might not be available or the product might be pricey. 

Mini Pocketable Ceramic Peeler/Cutter For Fruits And Picnics

If you just have a rough look at this mini cutter then the first thing that becomes noticeable is its size. Though the size is small you can rely on its cutting efficiency. The product has been introduced to the people for a purpose and that is for cutting and peeling fruits. However, people can use it on other vegetables. The mini ceramic peeler/cutter performs all the tasks of a large knife and it is much cheaper than the large ones. People cannot carry their kitchen knives everywhere so this is just the perfect cutter that you will be looking for whenever you are on a picnic, camping, or on some kind of trip. 

Buy your Mini Pocketable Ceramic Peeler/Cutter For Fruits And Picnics today.


  • Material: ABS, Ceramic
  • Size:
  • Length:130 x 33 mm
  • Blade: 55 mm
  • Package includes: (1) Knife


  • The first advantage of owning this product is that it is uniquely made that can be carried around. Due to its small size, the cutter can be kept inside your pocket and people will not even feel the weight of it because it is quite lightweight. 
  • Another advantage is that the product has got quite impressive sharpness in it. If you compare it with the common knives that are in your kitchen then the performance would be almost equal and there is nothing that you can complain about it. 
  • The newly purchased package will include only the knife and nothing else. 
A cup of coffee


  • The disadvantage is that the product is made out of ABS which is a type of plastic and ceramic which is neither a metallic nor organic material. 
  • Most people can find the product quite discomforting while using it because they might not like to use it because of its size. 


Overall the product has been quite impressive in the market and people have given it a thumbs up and they recommend others to use it too. Especially whenever you are on a trip or you are camping then these knives will be useful and will prove too handy whenever you want to cut or peel something. People cannot carry huge knives everywhere to cut fruits and vegetables so these might be the things that most people will be looking for. In the end, you decide whether or not you want to opt for this product or you think that the large ones are much better.

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