Bacon Wrapped Steak And Pickle Sushi Roll

Bacon Wrapped Steak And Pickle Sushi Roll


When you look at Bacon and Sushi in the same sentence, I’m sure you will be surprised just like me. Our Bacon Wrapped Steak and Pickle Sushi Roll owe it’s inception to a German delicacy called Rouladen. If you have ever tried Rouladen, you might know that it consists of a thin slice of Beef. Inside this small slice of Beef, you can find sushi pickle, mustard, onion, and Bacon.

However, what some of us might complain about is the bacon-wrapped inside the Beef. Since other ingredients and Beef wrap it, it makes the Bacon soggy. I’m sure you don’t like soggy Bacon if you are like me. So we tried to tweak the traditional Rouladen and see what we can come up with. To our surprise, it turned out into a delicious dish, and we would like to share it with you today!

If you want to get your bacon-wrapped steak right, there are only two things you should worry about. Make sure you make no mistake about the Beef and the Bacon.


When you are choosing the beef cut, make sure you are selecting the cuts that are less than 0.25 inch in thickness. Your choice of cut can make or break your steak. Usually, thinly sliced bottom or top rounds work best for this dish. Bottom rounds work better than the top rounds because the top rounds will often be tender.

Where I go for Beef shopping, I find a box of steak called Breakfast Steak, which comes with the perfectly sliced bottom rounds. I don’t have to ask the butcher to do something extra.

If getting a thin slice is a difficulty, you can still bring the meat home and pound it too. However, the most tender Beef will always be the one that has the best marbling.

Bacon Wrapped Steak And Pickle Sushi Roll
Bacon-Wrapped Steak And Pickle Sushi Roll


The second item on our list is Bacon. Better the quality of Bacon you use, better the result will be for your dish. Additionally, it is preferred to use thin cuts as it cooks faster.

Bacon Wrapped Steak And Pickle Sushi Roll
Bacon-Wrapped Steak And Pickle Sushi Roll

Bacon-Wrapped Steak: The Recipe

  • There are many ways you can cook Sushi. For example, in a skillet, oven, on the grill, or over indirect heat. If you frequently prepare these delicacies, I suggest you use an oven, because it is hassle-free and consumes less time to cook.
  • When you start baking, the pickles will begin to release moisture. So, every once in awhile, drain out the excess water to make sure the Bacon does not become soggy.
  • While the roll is being cooked, you can invest that time to prepare side dishes that go with it. Brussel sprouts and mashed potatoes make for a great combination. When Bacon turns brown, it is an indication that your meal is ready.
  • The combination of mustard, Bacon, and Beef has a mellow flavor of its own, which can’t be compared to any other dish.
  • Another good thing about this dish is that you can either treat it as a main dish or as an appetizer to along with other dishes.
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