Bacon Wrapped Steak & Pickle Sushi Roll

Bacon-Wrapped Steak and Pickle Sushi Roll

Ever thought about the fusion of red meat made like a sushi roll.  Well, this fusion of bacon and beef steak didn’t just pop out of the blue. I mean, think about it red meat fused like sushi is not everyone’s daily thought. Nonetheless, I’ll tell you the inspiration that led to the delicious bacon-wrapped steak and pickle sushi roll.

Just like any great invention, there is a mastermind behind it. A German chef and his dish the Rouladen was a delicacy of pickle, onion, mustard, and bacon-wrapped in sliced beef.

Bacon-Wrapped Steak and Pickle Sushi Roll
Bacon-Wrapped Steak and Pickle Sushi Roll

However, the Rouladen had one thing that could’ve improved.  The soggy bacon under the beef. We all like our bacon crispy, but the beef in the Rouladen made it soggy.

 So, considering the potential of the Rouladen, we decided to twist it. Yes, you got it right, we keep the beef inside the bacon. This masterpiece is called Bacon Sushi – Rouladen Roll.

Still interested? Well, a recipe awaits you.

Bacon-Wrapped Steak And Pickle Sushi Roll Recipe –



The roll is all about the cut. Not too thick and not too thin. Just enough for you to savor the beef and the bacon. I would recommend a thinly sliced for a more tender taste. A 23″ to 24″ inch should work just fine.

If slicing isn’t an option, then you can always pound the meat. Another option would be to but tender steak.


The other component needed is the bacon. It adds a barbeque taste to your roll. Invest in cheap but fatty bacon that can give you that juicy bite.

Other ingredients include – pickles, mashed potatoes, and sprouts for your side dishes.

Steps To Cook – Bacon-Wrapped Steak

There are a few choices on where you want to cook the dish. You can grill, use a skillet or an oven.  Any of these preferences can cook the dish in a short amount of time.

 The bacon-wrapped steak and pickle sushi roll are all about timing. When baking in the oven, make sure to drain any excess moisture. This way, you can get that crispy bacon on top of your roll.

Leave the work to your oven while it bakes your roll. During this break, you can start making the side dishes for that extra touch on your main dish.

You can use mash potatoes for a mild soft-touch alongside some brussels sprouts.

 At this time, you can check the baked goods. When the bacon turns brown, you’re all set to take it off the heat.

Bacon-Wrapped Steak and Pickle Sushi Roll

The Result –

What you’re going to get is a delicious wrap of bacon, steak, and pickle. Let’s, not the flavor enhancer – mustard.

The best thing about the wrap is it can be your main course or only a side dish for your casual parties

You need to slice them like sushi rolls and serve each alongside beverages. This trick is definitely an appetizer for parties.  Well, there you have it, your Bacon-wrapped steak and pickle sushi roll. The exciting difference it looks like sushi but made with bacon and beef.

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