Barbecue: A Delicious Meal, Or A Way To Get A Perfect Taste!

Barbecue: A Delicious Meal, Or A Way To Get A Perfect Taste!

Histories have shaped this world into a new era with completely different modern views. We are changing by days with new technology evolving and shaping new perceptions of this world. But some things are taken into consideration for a long time into debate and conversation. Barbecue is one such word which has several meanings if seen from a different history. This word is long debated for its meaning for its various uses. Most of the barbecue meaning is related to food and its process. But it is seen that it has another meaning as shelter, storage device, a bed like a device, etc. Today, you will know barbecue’s real meaning and its origin.

Barbecue: A Delicious Meal, Or A Way To Get A Perfect Taste!
Barbecue: A Delicious Meal, Or A Way To Get A Perfect Taste!

From Where Does “Barbecue” Originated?

It originated from Taino Indian word and sounded like barbacoa to Spanish travelers and explorers. Indians used it for different meanings such as a shelter, cooking device, and so many other definitions of it. The Caribbean used this term as a process in which fish, alligators, turtles, snakes, rats, birds, dogs, frogs, and other animals were dried and smoked. It was done so to preserve animals for a long time so that they can have it for dinner when necessary. It was occasional to cook deer and turkey on barbacoa. From there, it spread to different parts of the world and taken new shape transferring from one place to another. That is the reason it is very complex to understand its real meaning. 

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Barbecue: A Delicious Meal, Or A Way To Get A Perfect Taste!

It was Samuel Johnson who first spelled it correctly by including the word “barbecue” in his book “dictionary of the English language.” He was a British lexicographer, editor, and essayist. He said in his opinion that it was used in the west-indies. They used it for dressing a hog, splitting it, and placing it flat upon a large gridiron. This gridiron was placed above two feet over a charcoal fire. Since Caribbean Indians used barbacoa words from earlier, it is not accurate to say that Spaniards were right or not.

Its New Meaning:

As it originated from the south, it transferred to west from where it was sent to the north-west to give it a real shape of what it is. The United States took all recipes and techniques of barbecue in its practice. It is believed that America is the only country with most of the outside barbecue in the world. Currently, barbecue word comes in mind when we think about grilling the whole animal outside in a slow smoke to add taste to it. Still, most countries use it differently!

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If you are still confused, keep in mind that it is nothing but the world’s ancient cooking method that has passed from generation to generation. It is practiced outside, and what differentiates it from other cooking methods is smoke used in it. If you have not tasted what barbecue actually is, explore, and find out the best place in the world where it is celebrate. It is really fun and a good way to explore the real beauty of ancient style food with it.

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