Meat Tenderizers

Meat tenderizers are important kitchen tools, especially for a meat lover. These tools have the capability to make your meat softer and much more tender. Some cooking conditions dry up the meat which is why they become tougher than how they initially are. Meat tenderizers are the solution for those instances. Here are the best meat tenderizers in the market. This article will also discuss the importance of using this tool.

What is it and why should you use it?

Meat tenderizers come in different forms. The traditional ones are mallets or hammers with a textured side. You use it to pound on a hunk of meat so that the meat strands will loosen up and dissociate. You can use it on virtually any type of meat that you want to be tenderized.

The more modern installments are made of multiple sharp blades that you plunge into the meat. The blades will lightly separate the meat strands. The heat of cooking will not fully dry the meat. These tiny holes in the meat also allow for better penetration of the marinade you are using. This will make the meat juicier and much more flavorful.

Meat Tenderizer Kitchen Tool Pounder

Best Meat Tenderizers in the Market

This is a good tenderizer because it makes the job easier for you. This is a tenderizer with an agronomical handle. It operates with a spring mechanism so you can press it repeatedly over a hunk of meat. The end has multiple probes that are made of stainless steel. These are very durable and they can withstand stains and rusts. They can also effectively pierce through any meat, regardless of how tough.

Go for this if you want an affordable yet functional gadget. This is only ten bucks but you get a lifetime’s worth of effortless meat tenderizing. This also comes in two colors – black or white. You can choose which one best fits in your kitchen.

Meat Hammer Tenderizer and Injector

Best Meat Tenderizers in the Market

This is very similar to the aforementioned product. They have the same shape and the same mechanism. You press this onto the meat and its multiple blades will pierce it to make it tender. This also operates through a spring mechanism.

The main thing that sets this apart is that this has an added feature. It also serves as a meat injector. There is a canister for a marinade of your choice. The liquid will flow through the prongs and into the meat. This saves you time because you can achieve two things in one go. You are improving the taste and flavor of the meat while making it much more tender.

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