Buy Cured Meat – What Is It And Why Is It Becoming Popular?

Buy Cured Meat - What Is It And Why Is It Becoming Popular?

Cured meat is a wonderful alternative to that rancid meat that you might have purchased at the store. When you go out and buy cured meat, the meat you purchase came from a factory farm. It was produced in large quantities for you to consume on your plate, but not necessarily to be eaten properly.

There are some parts of the country where they only let farmers have very tough cuts of meat. The meat will be quite affordable for people. When buying this type of meat, it is always important to read all of the labels on the packaging. Although you might think that because it says “cured” on the label, then it must be tough. It might not actually be what you’re buying.

What Is Cured Meat?

Meat can be processed by smoking or curing. Most people assume that the meat comes from a factory farm, but that is not always the case. In fact, most cuts of meat that you purchase at the grocery store are either smoked or cured in some way. It’s good to be aware of what you’re buying when you buy meat in the store. But to find the real deal, you need to follow a few guidelines.

Buy Cured Meat - What Is It And Why Is It Becoming Popular?
Buy Cured Meat – What Is It And Why Is It Becoming Popular?

Cased meat has two different forms. When you buy it, make sure that you’re buying meat that was cut from a live animal.

Examples of these types of meats include Lox Pates, Chicken Jerky, Beef Jerky, Andouille, and Shorthorn. These are all popular meats that you’ll find in stores.

Different Types of Cured Meat

Lox Pates, on the other hand, is meat that was harvested from animals raised in pens. This type of meat is much lower in fat and calories than beef or pork, but it is still high in protein. You can purchase these by the pound or by the piece, and you can find it in a variety of places.

Jerky is similar to Lox Pates, except that the meat is slightly drier. If you really enjoy eating jerky, it’s a good idea to purchase it in bulk and then add it to your diet as it goes to waste.

Andouille is another type of smoked or cured meat that is high in proteins and fats. Again, you can find these in a variety of places, and they can be purchased by the pound or by the half pound.

Buy Cured Meat - What Is It And Why Is It Becoming Popular?
Buy Cured Meat – What Is It And Why Is It Becoming Popular?

Shothorn: An Extremely Tender Cut Of Meat

Shorthorn is another extremely tender cut of meat that can be smoked and then cured in a variety of ways. Make sure that you only buy from a trusted source.

Processed meat is actually a category of meat that can be bought in a variety of forms. Most of the time, the meat will be shelf stable for several months, although you may have to keep it on your refrigerator for a few days before you know if it has started to spoil.

Canned products usually contain water, salt, spices, and other chemicals. Avoid canned foods like canned tomatoes, salad dressings, and canned salmon.

Bottom Line

When you buy meat that has been cured, remember that you should always read the labels to see what you’re buying. Whether you buy it by the pound or by the half-pound, always ask the farmer or producer for their recommendations on what they call “cured” meat. You can also visit one of the local farmers’ markets to find quality and affordable meats.

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