Buying Meat: Cheap And Convenient Tips

Buying Meat: Cheap And Convenient Tips

Fresh meat is a lot easier to find than you think. In fact, I once bought an entire box of hot dogs and sausages for less than one stick of butter at the supermarket. Here are some great tips for buying meat that is more convenient than you might expect.

First, whenever you’re in a grocery store, look around for smaller units that contain cuts of meat that you won’t use in the home but will likely use later. You can buy all kinds of meat from ground meats and bologna, to pheasant, lamb, and even turkey.

Where To Find Fresh Meat

If you know the grocer where you shop most often, ask if they carry small cuts. They may be able to deliver it directly to your home or put it in a box for you to take home for the price of the meat itself.

Buying Meat: Cheap And Convenient Tips
Buying Meat: Cheap And Convenient Tips

Meat and poultry may be your best bet when you’re looking for something cheap and convenient. You may find that the prices on the market aren’t necessarily what you would expect.

Just because the meat you purchase isn’t freshly bought doesn’t mean it’s any less nutritious. I know that my husband’s favorite cut of beef is a hamburger, yet I get the same quality of beef from other outlets for a fraction of the price.

Make Sure The Fresh Meat Is Cut

As a grocery shopper, your first choice when it comes to buying meat is always the cut of meat closest to the tenderloin. Chicken breast and beef are great cuts to buy. They are already cooked and fully processed, so they can have a well-done texture without losing flavor.

It’s healthy for me to buy from a restaurant because there’s no pressure to do so. My husband loves watching the co-owner of the place trim the meat. I get to watch him make the barbecue sauce with his own unique flavors. He can say, “Look! Mommy made it!”

Chicken, for example, tastes just as good reheated as it does cook. A well-cooked chicken breast is still juicy without the frozen fat. My husband loves chicken, as does my son, and both of them love quick marinades and sandwiches.

Buying Meat: Cheap And Convenient Tips
Buying Meat: Cheap And Convenient Tips

Choose The Meat Correctly

Meats that are often labeled “low-fat” or “skinless” may actually be too high in fat and sodium to serve your family. They may be low in calories, but they are also loaded with salt and lots of sodium. They’ll also be expensive.

If you want to eat some fresh meat, you may have to experiment a bit to find the right balance of taste and nutrition. A meat thermometer is a very useful tool. It’s not unusual to find dry, fatty cuts of meat that are too hard to chew.

For leaner cuts of meat, try a skinless kind. For poultry, look for pieces that are very tender and have some pink in them.

Bottom Line

When you go shopping for fresh meat, remember that convenience and value go hand in hand. The more value you get for your money, the better.

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