“Cooking Game Meat”

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Let us know about the “Cooking Game Meat”. First of all, what is game meat? Game meat is the meat of any animal that can get haunt for food and not for poultry.

The meat of this kind generally comes in the Paleolithic category; this category of food consists of a high amount of protein and a low amount of fats but has a high amount of Omega-3 fats. The best things about game meat are that the meat that acquire from those animals would have no accumulations of antibiotics or hormones as the animals didn’t introduce to any since their birth.

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“Cooking Game Meat”: Time To Get That Game Meat

“Cooking Game Meat”

Many animals around the globe are hunted for meat, depending on the area of the game. Supposedly, If the game is to play in the US or Canada, then the animals that get hunt for game meat would be:

  • Wild Duck,
  • Pheasant,
  • Venison,
  • Bison, and
  • Rabbit.

So, knowing the animals in the environment in which the game meat get to hunt is required so that the endangered species of the land does not get killed.

4 Essential Things To Know About Cooking It

"Cooking Game Meat": Time To Get That Game Meat
“Cooking Game Meat”: Time To Get That Game Meat

Game meat is very good for the human body as it is natural meat, without any preservatives and antibiotics. 4 things to know about cooking game meat are:

1. Pheasant, Venison, and Duck are the most delicious of them all: When the pheasant gets to cook, the breast is to stew in a ton of onions, olive oil, and thyme. Then, all of it should be minced together with raw foie grass and filled into simple pasta.

The thighs of pheasant can be eaten like chicken wings. But the legs don’t have much meat on them so that they can get keep as stock. Coming to Venison, the back strap should be pan-seared in a boiling cast iron pan so that it could get a great crust.

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2. Always start small: To get become good at cooking game meat, one should always stick to a specific recipe and try the recipe on a small amount of meat.

3. A thermometer should use: One of the most important things to know while cooking a type of game meat is that every game meat cooks differently and at different temperatures. Time plays an essential part while preparing food.

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