Cooking Sausage Using Your Favorite Chicken Recipes

Cooking Sausage Using Your Favorite Chicken Recipes

Cooking sausage is very easy. When you want to be creative with your chicken recipes, it might be time to consider making a really simple chicken sausage. Yes, you may have to get out the sausage cutter or order some pre-made sausages from the store, but it will all be worth it in the end. Just make sure that you know how to make the simple cooking sausage, and this is a great way to use up all of those leftover chicken breasts in your freezer.

So, you’ve decided that making a simple cooking sausage would be an excellent idea for your next chicken dinner. But, how do you go about making one?

Herbs And Spices For Simple Cooking Sausage

The first step is to figure out what type of sausage you are going to make. This might seem like a small decision, but it really isn’t. There are three main types of sausage that you can use.

Cooking Sausage Using Your Favorite Chicken Recipes
Cooking Sausage Using Your Favorite Chicken Recipes

Before you can get to make your simple cooking sausage, you’ll also need to decide whether you want it to be seasoned with herbs or spices. Seasoned sausage would work best for chicken recipes. If you aren’t really interested in spices, then just add garlic powder and kosher salt to the mix. When you’re choosing which herbs or spices to use, keep in mind the seasonings that you would put on your own chicken breasts.

One of the simplest types of sausage that you can make for chicken is the dry rub. Dry rubs are so simple because you can easily take pre-cooked chicken breasts and use them to create a rub that has both spices and herbs on it. All you need to do is mix all of the ingredients together, and then coat each chicken breast in the rub. Rub it all over, then let it dry for several hours.

Popular Combination For Simple Cooking Sausage

Garlic and herbs are a popular combination of chicken recipes as well. After all, they make a simple sauce that you can pour on all of your favorite chicken recipes. Chicken Alfredo, for example, would be a great recipe to start with or even Chicken Marsala.

If you’re not a fan of using herbs and don’t care for the taste of garlic and herbs, then you could always use sausage made from chicken bones and other raw meats. There are plenty of options here, such as smoked sausage, hamburger, and even turkey sausages.

For something more interesting, try making a tasty, tangy sausage. There are many different ways to spice up a simple chicken sausage, and you will find that it can vary depending on the flavor that you are looking for. Pepper, black pepper, and Italian herbs will always work well, while Irish moss and blackberries can also be great.

Cooking Sausage Using Your Favorite Chicken Recipes
Cooking Sausage Using Your Favorite Chicken Recipes

Different Ways To Spice Your Sausage

Of course, there are many other ways to spice up a simple sausage. Once you have figured out what the right sausage flavor is for your tastes, then it’s just a matter of adding the spices and herbs to make a delicious sausage.

Your chicken sausages will be ready in no time at all. Many people like to have their sausage on the grill, which is a perfect way to make sure that your sausages are all cooked before you need to flip them. No matter how you choose to serve your chicken sausages, they will still be crispy and delicious when they are finished cooking.

There are many ways to serve your simple cooking sausage, but these three are definitely some of the most popular ways. Then again, you could always choose to serve them directly over your favorite vegetables and meat, or even top them with a little bit of butter and some additional vegetables and herbs.

Bottom Line

It will certainly be a great experience to be able to serve your simple cooking sausage with the taste of your favorite chicken recipes. You’ll definitely have some new family friends to share your delicious meals with as you prepare them!

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