Do You Know What Is A Rare Steak?

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It’s an absolute pleasure to cook a well-marbled, well-seasoned rare steak. The rare steak is probably the one steak that every chef likes the best and that every home cook enjoys preparing.

With a taste to die for, the rare steak stands out. This is a well-marbled steak with a good marinade, and even with some overcooked spots, it will still be tender and juicy. The rare steak is the prime choice for many cooks who want the taste of rare steak without paying the hefty price of premium steak.

When you’re cooking a steak at home, keep in mind that it should be cut to the ideal weight for the number of people who will be eating it. When you slice a beefsteak for a large group of people, you may find that the steak will be too difficult to eat, and it will make it appear less than prime.

If you use a steak knife, cut it accordingly. Let a single person cuts it as thin as they’d like, and let another person cut it as thick as they could. You don’t want to go through the trouble of cutting a rare steak and then cutting it up into pieces for each person, so put the blade of the knife at the proper depth.

Rare Steak

Do You Know What Is A Rare Steak?
Do You Know What Is A Rare Steak?

If you like a nice steak cooked on the rare side, consider adding some dry rubs and sauces to the meat before you start cooking it. A simple rub of salt and pepper combined with a little garlic powder will add just the right amount of flavor to the meat. It will go a long way toward making it look and taste very best.

Other meats may be served on the rare side, but short ribs, chops, or sirloin steaks are the perfect candidate for the rare steak. For more moderate cooking times, and when cooking small amounts of meat, flank steak, rib-eye, sirloin, etc. will suffice.

Consider cutting off the end if you are going to serve the meat in small portions. You can cut it off the bone to get the same tenderness and juiciness as it would have if you were cutting it from the shoulder. Because short ribs and sirloin tend to be very lean, cutting them off the bone can make for a much healthier meal. By removing all of the connective tissue and the fatty layer under the muscle, you are given the chance to use the fat and the meat for your favorite recipes.

Grilling is a great way to serve beef short ribs or sirloin steaks, but if you are going to grill them, be sure to remove the meat from the bone. Any overcooked bits on the bone should be discarded to give the meat a crisp golden crust. It will be very difficult to remove the cuticle from a steak that has been overcooked.

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Another tip for grilling steaks is to consider adding a steak rub. Most meat rubs have a dry rub with paprika, garlic powder, ground pepper, and a little salt. Using a coarse grinder or your fingers, coarsely grind up the ingredients until they form a paste.

Rub the steaks liberally, then cover them and let them sit at room temperature for an hour or so, then move them to the grill to continue to get that nice crust. You can also rub the steak after you’ve got it on the grill for about ten minutes.

Do You Know What Is A Rare Steak?
Do You Know What Is A Rare Steak?

Many recipes also call for using an egg or two for extra flavor. Thoroughly scramble the egg in a pan and then add it to the meat. Use a little flour or cornmeal for finishing touches.

A grilled steak is an absolutely delicious and healthy meal. To make it even better, consider using a couple of grilled veggies in addition to the steak, and be sure to watch the temperature, and always use the fresh-cut meat and use plenty of salt and pepper to make sure you are getting the maximum flavor from every bite.

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