Bacon Herb Butter Recipe

Easy Bacon Herb Butter Recipe

Bacon herb butter is one of a delicacy. We all know how bacon is a protein-rich diet. The preparation of bacon somehow requires different cuts from pork. The pork belly is the central portion which contributes to the bacon preparation. There is a lot of recipes which comes out to prepare bacon. But here we are going to have our glance fixed on only one delicious bacon herb butter recipe Without any further ado, let’s get into the method.

bacon herb butter

Ingredients For Bacon Herb Butter Recipe:

Ingredients play a vital and foremost role in any recipe. And the key to making it tasty along with delicious lays within the ingredient. So let us take our look in the ingredients list for preparing this mouth-watering butter preparation-

I. 10oz of uncooked bacon(1 cup of cooked bacon)

II. 2 sticks of butter(Cut the butter into a small cube. Then let it seat in the room temperature for some time to get it soft)

III. 2 tablespoons of finely diced chives or you can go for green onions too. 

IV. 1 tablespoon of minced thyme.

V. 1 tablespoon of parsley.

VI. One pinch of kosher salt.

Always think of creative and innovative ideas when you are preparing anything simple. This bacon herb butter is a straightforward recipe. So don’t’s be scared to incorporate any substitute if you desire. Addition of ingredient will change not only the taste but also the essence of this butter preparation. One can go for pepper. Bacon fat or parmesan. (Yes, it is wise not to throw the bacon fat away).

bacon herb butter

Step By Step Preparation Method

After you have collected all the ingredients now, it’s your time to make the preparation. 

I. The first step in this recipe is cooking the bacon. One cup of cooked bacon will suffice to prepare this recipe. One cup of bacon equals to 10Oz of bacon. It is suggested to cook the whole quantity of bacon because cooking it in a more portion is not a wrong choice. The method of preparing bacon is your choice.

II. After cooking the bacon, add all the ingredients listed above in a bowl along with the 1 cup of cooked bacon. 

III. Using a mixer is an option to mix the ingredients. But one can combine the items with their own hands as well. One can use a fork also to blend their ingredients. 

IV. The process of mixing the ingredients should be neat.

V. Place some parchment papers. You won’t require much, just a layout which is more than a square sheet. 

VI. Try removing all the butter from the pan. Then form a log over the parchment paper. 

VII.Roll up the parchment paper. 

VIII. After you have done with rolling the parchment, put this package into your refrigerator. Let it chill for some time. 

This bacon herb butter recipe will remain in a healthy state in the fridge for about two weeks and around three months if tossed in the freezer. 

Once it is chilled, you can cut slices of the package and then place the slices over your steaks after removing the parchment. However, make sure to soften the butter mixture before serving it over the steaks.

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