Easy Ground Beef And Burritos

ground meat recipe

Ground meat is such a versatile meal favorite for so many reasons: it’s cheap, cooks quickly, and is also used in so many delicious ways. With an array of delicious and easy choices to grill, ground meat makes a great ingredient for almost any event and taste. In fact, if you don’t have some on hand, you should really consider adding some ground meat recipes to your current menu. If you haven’t tried ground meat yet, you are in for a real treat. Try these ground meat recipes to see just why ground meat is such a popular addition to people’s menus. You won’t regret it.

Shepherd’s pie is one of the most classic and popular ground meat recipes out there. This is mainly because it is able to be adjusted to be cooked either way through, or completely raw (no meat or vegetables necessary). This makes it so much more versatile than other dishes that require raw foods, like quiches.

Absolute Favorite Meals

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This is one of my absolute favorite meals, and I make it quite often. It is easy ground beef with vegetable ingredients in a slow cooker, perfect for spring and summer events, as well as easy to prepare (depending on what you like). For my pork carnitas recipe, I used leftover pork loin and used fresh tomatoes, which I cut into thin strips. I added onion, bell pepper, cilantro, and chopped garlic. I followed the steps above for my pork carnitas recipe, except I rolled the pork into small strips instead of using long strips, because they were a bit tough, which made them a bit less tasty.

This is one of the best recipes I’ve had for ground meat in my slow cooker. This recipe is very simple to follow, and it was delicious when it was done. I used tenderloin for this dish, since it was left over from the original recipe. I combined the following ingredients:

These are just some of the many wonderful recipes using ground beef or chicken as the main ingredient. It is very important to use high quality meat (which goes without saying). There are also many different ways to cook these recipes. Some are more traditional (slow cooked), while others are more modern (quick-cooked).

A Delicious And Unique Dessert

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The first thing you should know about these meals is that they can also be made into Shepherd’s pie. For this recipe, I made a delicious sweet soup using the leftover meatballs from my previous recipes. For the soup, I used apple cider vinegar, reduced sugar (to avoid adding too much sweetness), and spices to give it a sweet flavor. For the Shepherd’s pie, I used raisins and white sugar, and it was a delicious and unique dessert. If you don’t have Shepherd’s pie in your kitchen, you should consider trying Shepherd’s pie because it really is something special.

Another great recipe using ground meat and for this one I will tell you, Smoked turkey soup. This dish was an absolute favorite at our house, and I didn’t make any changes to the recipe, except for using smoked turkey instead of ground meat. The only change that I made to this recipe was by substituting turkey for sweet potatoes in the soup, which was a delicious change as well.

Final Words

For starters, Smoked turkey soup is such a good way to kick off the New Year, and to kick start your diet with healthy choices. Another quick and easy ground beef taco recipe that you might try is the taco meat burritos that are popular today. They are delicious, fast and easy, and you can even make a new recipe using tortilla chips instead of chips, to save some money.

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