Ginger Beef And Onions Stir

Onions stir fry; preparing any kind of new dish requires a thorough knowledge of flavors and experiments you can perform in that particular dish. The Ginger Beef and onions stir fry is an easy dish to make. However, the dish is innovative and sumptuous. Moreover, it is a fancy dish to present when there is someone special over for dinner. It may not be quick to prepare but it is easy.

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Ginger Beef And Onions Stir Fry; An Interesting Concoction

Onions Stir Fry; The Secret Of An Imaginative Dish

So what is it that makes the dish so tasty. Is it the crunch of the onions or the sumptuous beef? It is simply the combination of both, merged with a tangy sauce that gives it an international flavor. Just like any stir fry, you must prepare all your ingredients before you switch on your stove and start frying. Marinate the steak in vinegar, cut onion rings and keep all condiments ready before the wok is on fire. You must marinate the beef for 20 minutes before you start preparing for all other ingredients. Cutting ginger and onion into rings hardly takes any time. moreover, if you will have everything prepared, the kitchen will be neat even after you have cooked such a sumptuous meal.

It is important to choose the correct steak for the dish. Flank steak is the ideal steak for the dish. It will make the meat tender and will cook easily. Prepare Soy sauce or buy a readymade bottled soy sauce. The soy sauce is easily available in any supermarket that may stock up Chinese cooking ingredients. The meat should be cooked tenderly on a low flame to make it a mouth melting experience.

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Ginger Beef And Onions Stir Fry; An Interesting Concoction

Combination Of Flavour and Nutrition

The Ginger beef and Onions Stir fry can be served with fluffy boiled rice. Bread also goes well. But because of its ashy and crunchy flavor, rice is a good accompaniment. However, while cooking you must remember that the meat is tender. Moreover, t is important to note that the dish is served fresh out of the skillet. This is so because the onion rings may lose their crunch if the dish is kept for too long. It tastes best when served piping hot.

While you stir fry onions and ginger in oil, make sure you don’t overcook them and make them soggy. Flip and stir fry the marinated steak. The flame should not be too high, or it may burn. Do not mix the onions with the steak unless it is cooked properly. Add cornstarch and water in the leftover marinade. It will make a very different gravy for the stir-fried ingredients. Add this mixture in the skillet and cook for two minutes. After all the ingredients are stir-fried transfer them into a serving bowl. Serve hot with fluffy boiled rice.

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