Greek Meat Dishes You Should Taste If You Are A Meat-Lover

greek meat dishes

Gyro meat the main constituent of Greek meat dishes comes from the Greek γύρος which means turn and is a calque of the Turkish word döner that also means turn. Gyro meat mostly contains pork, beef, chicken, or lamb in some countries. This meat can be served as a wrap or stuffed in a pita to the people. These dishes can be made at home too, but the meat there has to cut in round balls different from vertical cutting for better cooking at home. Some of the Greek meat dishes bifurcated into the type of meat used that are a must-try are listed below.

Greek Meat Dishes – Pork Meat Dishes

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Well, if we are going to speak of the meat dishes, let us start with the pork meat. Souvlaki first appeared in ancient Greece and the first shop that served it was opened in 1951 in Livadia, since then it has been found in almost every Greek food shop. The dish is a combination of grilled pork meat, pita bread, cheese, and dill. It is usually served with a slide of bread, chips, yogurt, or onions. Apáki is a Cretan delicacy and is another pork meat dish famous in Greek. It is smoked using a combination of wood and various herbs. Gyros is a popular Greek street food that consists mainly of pork but is made well while combining it with chicken in Greece and with other meats like beef or lamb in several other countries.

Lamb Meat Dishes

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Païdakia is a grilled lamb chop traditional dish that is enjoyed throughout the year as the main course in most parts of the country. Lamb chops are marinated in various combinations of olive oil, lemon juice, and a variety of fresh herbs before grilling on traditional charcoal barbecues. Kleftiko is a typical Greek dish commonly prepared at festive events or celebrations. It consists of succulent pieces of lamb meat, sometimes goat meat that is wrapped in foil and baked in airtight ovens.

Greek Meat Dishes – Combination Meat Dishes

Keftedakia is a tender, flavourful Greek meatball dish made from a combination of ground pork and beef, eggs, stale bread or breadcrumbs, and seasonings such as dill or other herbs. Kokkinisto encompasses various Greek dishes consisting of several types of meat like beef, chicken, or lamb and the dish is typically served as a side to pasta or similar dishes. Gamopilafo is a complex Greek dish and various types of meat such as goat, lamb, veal, chicken, or sometimes pork are used for its preparation.


The many reasons why the Mediterranean diet specifically Greek meat dishes are popular because of the benefits of health, variety of food available, and how delicious it looks, makes it a big hit in the culture. You will always find better meat dishes in the Greek cuisine and the sides will also be interesting in this cuisine. If you are organizing a party next time and you would like some traditional cuisine to be served, you might want to check out this one.

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