Grilling Times For Meat – Avoids Burning Your Food

grilling times for meat

Don’t know the correct grilling times for meat? There are a few secrets to grilling that most people don’t know. Grilling times are based on how long it takes for your food to cook. This is different than when cooking. When cooking you don’t want to make it longer or more even so you end up with dry steak or uneven cooked meat.

When grilling steaks you want to have them very close to medium rare. You can actually cook the steaks until they are almost done. If you don’t do this you will be risking having a tough steak. This should always be the goal when grilling.

One of the biggest problems people have when grilling meats is uneven cooking. If you don’t get the right temperature and cook the meat unevenly, you will probably see an undercooked meat or even raw meat. This will taste horrible. The secret to making sure you cook your meat right is by using the right tools. A thermometer and a meat thermometer are two great tools for ensuring you get the right grilling times for meats.

Start With Right Temperature

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To get the right temperature, you should always start out cooking the meat to a temperature of about two hundred and then move it up to four hundred. This allows for an extended cooking time for the meat and will give it a good flavor. Don’t worry if you don’t feel the meat or it doesn’t brown very quickly. This is normal and you should expect it to take a couple of hours depending on what you are grilling. Following these tips for grilling BBQ ribs will help you make the best tasting barbecue you’ve ever had.

The meat you decide to grill should be of a good quality. If you buy cheap cuts, you won’t get a lot of use out of them. If you buy good cuts, you will be able to make delicious meals. Make sure the cut is at least one inch thick. If you find the cheaper cuts that are at least one inch thick, you can expect to cook them several hours or even a day. If the thicker cuts are only one inch thick, they will only last for a few minutes and you’ll have to cook them more.

Barbecue Brush

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When grilling ribs, you will want to use a dedicated barbecue brush. These are brush that are designed to soak up grease and other foods that may be stuck on the outside of the meat. You should use the barbecue brush after you have brushed away all the dirt on the outside of the meat using your hands. Another thing you should remember when following the tips for grilling BBQ ribs is never to use tongs when grilling.

Tips For Grilling BBQ Ribs

Using tongs will prevent you from spreading the grease all over the place, which will cause the entire barbeque to become smoky. The smoky flavor is what makes barbecues so wonderful, but it is also what causes people to become ill from having the food exposed to such high temperatures. Even if you are following the tips for grilling BBQ ribs, you can still avoid having the food exposed to direct flames. You can use tongs to hold the meat in place while it cooks, which will keep the rib from getting too dark and give it a nice, even color.


When you are grilling large crowd sizes of meat, you should try to marinate the meat first. This will help seal in the juices that are normally lost during the grilling process. In fact, marinating the meat will help keep it from drying out and burning when you grill a large crowd of people. There are many recipes available online for marinades, and you should experiment with them. Finding a marinade that is just right for your style of grilling and the type of crowd that you are cooking for, will go a long way towards bringing out the best in your barbeque.

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