Healthy Grilling – A Complete Guide

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Have you heard about healthy grilling recipes? Grilled meat of any kind is a savored dish for all non-vegetarians. Even grilled vegetables and fruits have a different appeal. But unless you have an oven for this cooking method, eating out is the only option. However, just having a good stove is not enough to make grilled food healthy; there are certain norms that you must follow. If properly cooked, grilled food is much more robust than conventional cooking methods. This is because there is no additional oil or fat to weigh the meat down, and it technically gets cooked in its fat. The primary issue that grilled chicken can pose is food poisoning from undercooked meat. We have a guide to help you ensure this trouble becomes avoidable.

Healthy Grilling - A Complete Guide
Healthy Grilling – A Complete Guide

Important Food Safety Tips To Keep In Mind

Healthy Grilling – Separate The Raw Food

The first and foremost thing to be done is to maintain the basic hygiene of food by keeping different fresh food products separately. Keep raw meat away from fruits and vegetables. Separately stack the cooked food and raw food in your freezer. Use separate cutting boards for meat and vegetables and make sure they are thoroughly washed every time after use. Moreover, never mix up the utensils used for keeping raw beef with your serving dishes. 

Healthy Grilling Maintain Personal Hygiene

Always wash your hands before preparing the food and also after working with raw meat. If you have helping hands for the cooking, make sure they follow this rule too. This simple habit can prevent cross-contamination in the kitchen and also ensure the food tastes better.

Freeze The Meat

Make sure all your meat is stored correctly. Freeze them and keep them in vacuum-sealed packets and try to use them as soon as you can. If there is grilled leftover meat, keep it warm as long as possible, and within two hours since cooking, put it in the refrigerator. This will prevent it from getting toxic and leading to poisoning. Also, after buying the meat and not using it within 1-2 days, make sure you thoroughly freeze it and then store it so that it does not get rancid.

Thoroughly Cook The Meat

Even if you like your meat rare or medium-rare, to avoid food poisoning, it is best to prepare it carefully. The internal color of the steak should not be the only determinant. Insert a food thermometer at the thickest part of the chunk and keep cooking it till the temperature is right. The temperature varies from meat type and portions and must be accordingly set. For example, the cooking temperature of chicken, pork, and beef are varied. Also, the heat necessary for a whole chicken or turkey is different from chicken or turkey breasts. 

Healthy Grilling - A Complete Guide
Healthy Grilling – A Complete Guide


When you keep the various guidelines for cooking meat in mind, making sure that it gets healthily grilled becomes easier. Moreover, for several people, this is a crucial factor and probably the only problem that is leading to bad health but with the right practices it easier to avoid.

You can develop the art of maintaining yourself with healthy grilling meat slices. Grilled foods taste the best owing to the adding of spices and the smokey taste.

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