How To Grill Beyond Meat Plant-Based Burgers

Beyond Meat Grilling

Vegetarians will appreciate this topic more than anyone. You can attend a grill party even as a vegetarian because, in this article, you will learn how to grill beyond meat’s plant-based burgers. There is no for you not to attend that party because you are vegetarian; there are numerous plant-based burgers that you can grill. 

Grilling regular sausages is handled by professionals; when it comes to plant-based meat that looks almost like meat, it confuses even the best grill master. However, once you master the art of this fantastic culinary, you can make the best plant-based grills.

Heat the grill With Charcoal

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Charcoal is the best option for heating up the grill. Within 15 minutes of heat up, your meat will get that smoky flavor that it needs to announce its smell across the neighborhood. 

Ensure You Oil The Surface Of The Burger/Sausage

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It is boldly written on the instruction of the package that oil the surface of your burger or sausage. This is to prevent it from sticking or peeling with the grill plates when the temperature gets intense. You can rub canola oil on the surface of the burger or sausage. This is just a tip to give it a scintillating flavor when it’s also done to prevent it from sticking to the grill plates when you are about taking it out. During this oiling exercise, do not spare the grill plates themselves. You can do that by using a grilling spray or oiled paper towel. Quick safety tip: lubricate it only when the grill is still cold to avoid getting your hand burnt. 

Cook Your Meat For A Short Time

The most alluring part of the grilled beyond meat is the smoky char. Ensure that your grill is very hot before you take down the sausage. Leave it to cook for about two minutes. Bring it out, ensure that the bottom part is brown, flip it to the other side and cook for 1-2 minutes again. 

Don’t press down too much! 

You will shed out the necessary fat in the burger when you press down too much. This means the burger will be less juicy, and what is the fascinating part about a dry burger? Whatever you, ensure you don’t press down the burger, thereby wasting the fat in it. 

After doing all of those as mentioned above, you will discover that grilling beyond meat burger is actually not too different from grilling the regular meat. In most cases, they are less tasking than the typical beef. Meanwhile, they are as delicious as eating the normal meat burger because they are plant-based, and they are way lot healthier.

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