How to Make the Best Meat Loaf Recipe

best meat loaf recipe

For instance, if you are in a hurry and want something to heat up quickly then you should look at cooking a fried meat loaf. This is because the fried meat loaves tend to be cheaper than a baked meat loaf.

Baked Or Fried

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When looking at a list of the best meat loaf recipes it can sometimes be difficult to determine which to make. You have to first decide which type of bread to use and how to cook it in order for the recipe to work correctly. For instance, if you are using wheat bread then it will be easier to make a meat loaf recipe that uses a vegetable mix rather than the regular white bread. Wheat bread is also higher in moisture, which means that it will stick to the oven more.

Another factor to consider is that vegetables will normally stick to the bread more easily when it is hot, as in the oven. This means that if you are planning on making this kind of loaf then you should choose a loaf pan which has thinner walls. A thin wall means your bread will bake faster and with a thicker wall it will take longer. Bread loaves are also good when you are in a rush. They are cheap and you can eat them when you are stressed, such as if you are running out of time before you go on a date for dinner.


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The actual cooking of the meat loaf recipe will depend on what kind of meat loaf you are baking. There are several different ways to cook meatloaf. You could either cook it in the oven or on the barbecue. This all depends on personal preference and also how your meat loaf recipe tastes. Most people prefer the barbecue taste but then there are those people who think oven cooked meat loaf is the best.

The actual cooking of your meat loaf recipe will depend on how you like your bread and whether you like a spicy, sweet or a mild loaf. Most people think a mild meat loaf is better than a spicy one. The same goes for sweet breads. There is no right or wrong way to make bread, it is all about your individual preference. Many people like to have white bread so to them a raisin flavored meat loaf is the best.

Gather The Ingredients

Before you begin making your own meat loaf recipes you will need to gather the ingredients for the recipe. These include the breads, butter, raisins and jam. You should also have some liquid to mix with the jam, such as chicken stock or beer. The other items you will need are a frying pan, vegetable oil, and salt.

Once you have all of these items gathered you can then begin your meat loaf recipe. Using your fried or greased bread, spread a layer of butter over it. Then, layer in your raisins and berries and drizzle some red or white wine over top of it. Last but not least, sprinkle some salt over the top of your meat loaf recipe. This will help bring out the flavor of the bread.


Allow your bread to set up and then cut it into thin slices. Now, using your knife, start cutting the slices into your desired sizes. You should have about one inch by one inch pieces depending on the recipe you are using. Place your cooled slices into an airtight container and freeze until ready to serve. You can also refrigerate your slices to help cut down on the amount you need to prepare for a meal.

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