Japanese Food – A Simple Pleasure For Your palate

japanese meat dishes

Japanese meat dishes are famous for their sumptuous flavour and their rich texture. The main components in Japanese cuisine are rice, soybeans and fish. Soybean meal is known as tofu and it is used for tofu making and other soybean dishes. Fish is the basic ingredient of most Japanese dishes and it is either grilled, fried, stewed or fried.

A Bowl Of White Rice With Meat

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It has long been said that Japanese meals start with a bowl of white rice with meat. This dish is then topped with ketchup, sesame oil, wasabi or raw fish sauce, ginger, wasabi and shoyu (soy sauce). In western Japan and many areas of China, people start their day with a cup of hot soup. A common ending to a Japanese meal is a sweet soy-based drink known as wasabi.

Cooked In Charcoal

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In Japan, there are several ways to cook Japanese meat dishes. In the north, where it is most common, there is the charcoal method where the fire is used to cook the meat. In the south, it is grilled. In the west, it is usually grilled while in Japan itself, the method is different but usually the same: use charcoal.

Fish Meat

Raw fish is marinated in vinegar overnight. The next morning, this marinade is deep-fried or grilled. The next step is to add sugar and spices to the marinade for more flavour. Japanese believe that if you eat a piece of raw fish and chew on it deeply, the flavours will stay in your mouth longer. This is the reason why Japanese dishes end up with such delicious, complex taste. There are so many wonderful variations of Japanese meat dishes. The most common ingredients are beef, pork, chicken, fish and vegetables. The most popular dish is the fish dish with a sweet sauce on the side. When buying fish, always check the temperature of it beforehand. I always go for white fish over white rice. It just seems more healthy. You should never cook fish frying. It will become charred on the inside and the texture will be strange. Stick with steamed fish when cooking rice.

Marinated Beef

The beef is marinated in vinegar for several hours then grilled. The flavour is so complex, that I have never tried to prepare a fish meal without vinegar. Some people use ginger and garlic to season the meat. Personally, I prefer to go with soy sauce and mirin, which are red wine.

Sprinkle The Meat With Seaweed

Another common ingredient is seaweed. Sprinkling the meat with it after marinating gives it a delightful flavour. The best way to prepare the fish for this dish is to let it sit overnight in vinegar and saltwater. This gives it a flavour that is difficult to describe. Another dish that is common is sushi. There are hundreds of varieties, all of which use fish or shellfish as their main ingredients.

Try Different Locations

A great way to enjoy the Japanese meat dishes is to sample the various tourist spots in the country. There are many tourist spots in the area that specialize in preparing authentic Japanese dishes. These include some of the restaurants that serve traditional Japanese food. You can also find many hot springs in the area that cater to those who want a nice soak in the warm water. I hope this article gave you a good starting point in learning more about the Japanese food culture. If you are planning to visit a restaurant in Japan, make sure you know what is on the menu before you order. Many times you will be able to ask the chef what ingredients are used in the preparation of a dish. Oftentimes they will have a few samples for you to try. If the chef is unwilling to offer you any, that is probably not a good place to eat.


One of my favourite cuisines in Japan is sushi. I have tried many different types of sushi and love them. I mainly like the ones that have a sweet taste to them. The man is a wonderful option. It has a sweet, delicate flavour that is easy to chew. There are other varieties, but if you are looking for something simple and fruity, maki would be the way to go.

Wrapping Up

As with any food that is prepared in a specific manner, you must pay attention to the amount of sugar or vinegar that is used. Too much of either and your food will be overpowering and too acidic. Japanese food is very carefully prepared and is often prepared by a talented chef. Whatever you decide to do, just enjoy yourself and I am sure you will enjoy it as much as I do.

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