Learn More About Some of the Most Popular Spicy Korean Foods

Korean Meat Dishes

Korean food is known for being very nutritious and having a high fiber content. Some of the typical meals include a meal of Mando, which is a type of soup; Churrakan, which is spicy beef soup; or bokki, which is beef and rice soup. Most Korean meals usually contain a variety of vegetables and meat. Some of the common components in Korean dishes include onions, garlic, pickled ginger, ginseng, and red pepper flakes. Noodle soup is a popular dish. The noodles are cut into small pieces and simmered differently from other types of noodle dishes.


A plate of food on a table

Many Korean meat dishes are marinated before being served. There are several different styles of marinading used in Korean cuisine. One example is the Baekgye, which marinates the beef in special spices that add flavor. The spices include banana leaves, onions, garlic, mushrooms, ginger, soy sauce, and red pepper flakes.


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Another popular marinated meat is Wonjirae. This flavorful marinade is made with ingredients that give it the flavor of seaweed. Typically, the mixture includes ginger, garlic, sesame oil, mirin, shoyu, sugar, and salt. In some places, the stuffing is not part of the marinated meat but is added later. In Seoul, japchae, which is spring-style noodles, are sometimes added as well. This type of dish is best enjoyed with plain water.


Kimchi is one of the most common side dishes in Korean street food. It is an oriental-style food prepared with a variety of vegetables and meat. The word comes from the Korean “kimchi,” which means raw fish. Typical ingredients in kimchi include onions, bell pepper, scallions, garlic, and vinegar or soy sauce. Cellophane noodles are often added to the mix for a thicker consistency.

Most kimchi dishes are served with a sweet-and-salty mixture called gangue. This paste is made by mixing vinegar and sugar and then adding a certain amount of salt. The mixture makes the paste spicier. Some dishes made with algae also contain red hot red peppers, peanuts, and various kinds of fish. The term “gangae” literally means “red meat in vinegar.”

Soybean soup

Soybean soup is another common dish in Korean cuisine. Soybean soup is a very thin, concentrated form of soup made from soybeans. Soybean soup is well-known in Korea because it contains only the finest soybeans and no other additives or ingredients. Many people in Korea use soybean soup as their main staple diet.

The third most popular Korean cuisine dish is tabletop grilling. Tabletop grilling is a cooking style where you use charcoal or gas to burn kimchi or other foods on a hot plate. In this cooking style, all the ingredients are placed on the hot plate before the food is brought out to be grilled. A thin slice of beef or pork is placed on one side of the plate, and the other side is reserved for the kimchi. The kimchi will absorb the flavor of the beef or pork as it is being grilled.

Most Korean dishes that you find in restaurants are more expensive than what you would expect. These large meals are made up of several courses and are not meant to be smaller. Of course, the price will depend upon your taste and how much service is expected. Most Korean restaurants will proudly tell their customers that their food is the best globally and that the food is their specialty.

One of the most popular dishes in Korean restaurants is called cellophane noodles, made of thin pieces of vegetables mixed with a spicy red sauce. Many cellophane noodles are also deep-fried. A variety of kimchi and cellophane noodle dishes can be found throughout South Korea.

Seoul Tofu

Another very popular dish is called Seoul tofu. This is flavored tofu that has been marinated in ginger and garlic before being steamed. The taste of the tofu will vary from restaurant to restaurant, depending on what kind of mix of ingredients they have. Typically, seolleongtang broth is added to the mixture before the tofu is cooked. The broth’s taste often enhances the flavors of the seafood and meats that are served with the tofu.

Final Words

The most common spicy Korean food that can be found in restaurants is called ginseng. In addition to the traditional ginger and garlic components included in creating cellophane noodles, ginseng is also commonly used as the main ingredient for many dishes. Some common ginseng dishes include the popular ginseng soup served during important holidays like the newlywed ceremony or new year’s eve. Many people also enjoy drinking a nice tall glass of ginseng water throughout the day.

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