Meat Grilling Times And Guide To Get The Perfect Grill Every Time

Meat Grilling Times

Nothing is best than grilling outside. Whether it is a thick steak, fish, chicken and though some of these ingredients can be expensive it is important to know how to cook each of these type of meat. There is nothing worse than overcooking your favorite meat and regretting it. you need to be sure that the food that you are cooking is cooked in safe internal temperature before you serve it. whether you are using gas or charcoal grill if you follow the steps when grilling and know how long you need to cook your meat you can be sure of the successful outcome.

Steps To Get Success

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We may think that grilling is very easy as all you have to do is throw some meat on the hot grill. But to be honest there is a bit more than this and therefore there are some tips that you need to keep in mind before you start grilling. Firstly, you need to clean your grill to remove any leftover residue. Then oil the grill rack lightly before you add the meat. Once you place the food on the grill grate you need to let the meta stand whether it is covered or not till it releases easily before flipping or moving around. Once your food is done you need to let it rest and should have a standing time after grilling.

Temperature Plays An Important Role

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If you are using a charcoal grill you need to be sure that the coals are covered with light ash before you start cooking. Most of the meat and chicken needs to be grilled on medium coals. You can cook the steaks to your desired doneness but juts for the safety reasons it is better that you cook them for at least 140 F or medium rare. Ground meat be it turkey, beef or chicken must be cooked to 165 F so that the bacteria’s gets killed.

Grilling Charts

There are few factors that the grilling times depends on. Like it is the type of food, thickness, desired doneness. Once you know these you will also get to know for how long you need to keep the food on the grill. But we cannot be sure about the time as it is time is not always the best way to judge whether the food is done or not. Having a meat thermometer, cooking probes that comes with many grills that are wirelessly connected through an app on your phone is actually helpful. It also offers almost a full proof method to test whether the food is done or not. So now you can use different types of grilling charts which can serve as a guide to make sure that you serve a perfectly grilled dish every time. So if you follow these few tips you can be sure that your food will be grilled perfectly.

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