Meat Is Not Healthy

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Meat is not healthy for us because it affects our bodies, the immune system in the wrong way, but it also increases the risk of cancer by 18 percent. According to research which says that eating meat has resulted in premature death, cancers related problems, heart disease, and diabetes. An average man eats meat more than his weight every year. The quantity of meat-eating people has doubled for many years. Globally, meat intake will be increased by 75 percent over the years.

Meat Is Not Healthy For Us

Hazardous Effect Of Meat On The Health Of Living Beings

The health effects of meat consumption on people are essential to note so that it could be tracked and stopped. How red meat affects our bodies and mind so constitutes an integral part of our health.

Meat Is Not Healthy For Us

  • High intake of meat in the form of poultry or beef is related to a high risk of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. 
  • Eating beef and other animals promote cancer in many forms. 
  • It is mainly considered the No. 1 killer of humans due to heart disease. 
  • According to a study at Harvard in the year 2014, founds that that having red meat in a day by adolescents make them associated with more than 22 percent of higher breast cancer that too premenstrual.
  • Red meat appetite for adulthood associated with 13 percent higher chances of breast cancer overall. 
  • Meat contains animal protein and fat, which creates a higher risk of heart strokes and diabetes.
  • Saturated fat is there in all kind of meat and fish.
  • It is better to be vegetarians as their weight is 10 to 20 pounds lighter than adult meat-eaters. Vegetarian diets are attached to more metabolism than meat-eaters. 
  • Eating meat also gives you a higher risk of food poisoning because animal products contaminated during slaughtering, which further leads to diseases. 
  •  U.S. supermarkets are contaminated with a kind of bacteria that could make people sick. So it is necessary to eliminate animal products from your diet so that it can reduce the presence of the most common bacteria. 
  • Meat, eggs, and other dairy products also slow the flow of blood in the body parts.
  • The cattle industry injects cow to make them grow at a faster rate with various foods which contain artificial hormones. Cows who have injected cause health problems in people who eat them. 

Conclusion Of Meat Is Not Healthy

The proof that was eating meat which harms our health was big enough to make people understand not to consume it. But many people do not even try to change their habits. One of the best things you can do for your health is to either eat vegetarian food either you can have meat in a limited manner or cut it out completely. Instead of harming your body, destroying the environment and animals’ lives, the safe side could be to care about the health, support and respect all living beings on this planet.

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