Meat Pie Recipe

Meat Pie Recipe That Will Leave You Craving For More

The meat pie is a delicious snack for carnivores, and also a good appetizer for potlucks and parties. Prepare a whole pie for your family. Or, you also have the option of going for an individual pie, meant only for one! They are fun and easy to make and create a great activity for the entire family.

The use of hearty ingredients like carrots, potatoes, savory minced, or ground beef, and also peas will help you in making amazing pies that your friends, and family will love. There are simple everyday ingredients that can easily be used for making tasty pies for potluck events and gatherings. So, have a look at a master pie recipe that will give you the dose of meat that you have been craving for.

Meat Pie Recipe That Will Leave You Craving For More
Meat Pie Recipe That Will Leave You Craving For More

French Canadian Meat Pie

There is nothing that can warm you up like a French Canadian pie loaded with gravy, vegetables or meat. Either, go luxurious with a simple ground beef pie, or try keeping it simple with an autumnal pie. The French Canadian pie is generally served on Christmas Eve. This savory pie goes very well with fresh rolls and also salad. It should be served in small portion sizes with trimmings and some turkey.


  • Ground Pork: 1- ¼ pounds
  • Ground veal: ¼ pounds
  • Minced garlic cloves: Three
  • Ground beef: ½ pound
  • Grated onion: Half cup
  • Salt: One and a half tsp
  • Dried savory: One by four teaspoon
  • Grated and peeled potatoes: 1 cup
  • Rubbed sage: ¼ tsp
  • Pepper: Half teaspoon
  • Water: ¼ cup plus two tablespoons, divided
  • Ground cloves: One by eight tsp
  • Dry bread crumbs: ¼ cup
  • Pastry if you want to make a double-crust pie
  • Egg- One


  • Place a large skillet on medium heat. Cook the veal, pork, beef, onion, and potatoes. Cook it until the meat turns from pink to a completely different color.
  • Drain and then stir in the seasonings, garlic and ¼ cup water.
  • Once the blend comes to a boil, reduce heat and cover for 15 minutes. However, don’t forget to stir frequently.
  • Now remove it from heat, and cool at room temperature. Then, put in the bread crumbs and mix remaining water and egg.
  • Next, preheat oven to 400 degrees and line a nine-inch pie plate with pastry at the bottom. After that, fill it with the meat blend, and roll out the remaining pastry on top. Try trimming, sealing and fluting the edges. Cover the edges loosely by using foil.
  • The entire thing should be baked for fifteen minutes and then foil should be removed. Reduce heat to 375 degrees and again bake for thirty to thirty-five minutes. You can also wait for the crust to turn golden brown.
Meat Pie Recipe That Will Leave You Craving For More

Get creative! Make use of some of your favorite flavors and ingredients for influencing your very own variation of a tasty pie. You can add either cheddar cheese or refried beans for giving a Mexican flavor to your pie. You also have the option of adding artichoke hearts. So, your delicious pie is ready. Have a bite!

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