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When you quip any barbecue lover what counts as the best BBQ meal, all will tell you the same thing. To get the best from a barbecue is to keep it pure, i.e., slowly roasted meats cooked on wood with delicious and flavorful sauces. The restaurants or food joints serving barbeque meal should make it as a homemade starter that your mommy would prepare during special occasions. One such reliable and full of taste BBQ food Phoenix barbeque restaurant is a Naked Barbecue.

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This Phoenix Barbecue Is The Best Eat Out Ever

The Naked barbecue menu brings to you all this and a lot more. Thanks to their strategy to use fresh meat and good quality spices and sauces. Theyserve a diverse style of barbecue meals. The restaurant doesn’tcompromise on the taste, and you won’t like to give them a miss too!

Why Naked Barbeque Chosen As Amongst The Best Phoenix Barbeque Restaurant?

Go Shindig is a web portal that promotes grilling goods from Amazon. It planned out the Ultimate BBQ Road Trip according to which, it listed the Naked BBQ at the ninth spot to visit in Deer Valley. Further, in its top 20 barbecue restaurants list, it ranked Naked BBQ in the 13th place.

Go Shindig searched for the top-rated Phoenix barbecue restaurant on TripAdvisor in all the states. They combined the average price of a starter, all the ratings, main course, and drinks served to come to the result of who deserves the best BBQ joint title in Phoenix. As per their methodology, the lower prices mean the better restaurant. So, Go Shindig mentioned in their blog post that it is Naked BBQ on Tripadvisor that, as per 49 reviews, presently possesses an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 based.

Additionally, Naked BBQ took the title of the best barbecue in metro Phoenix did by the dining critic Dominic Armato of The Arizona Republic. Apparently, Arizonans are in love with the buffalo meat served at Naked BBQ.

Menu Pricing At Naked BBQ

The online menu of Naked BBQ shows that a chopped brisket that comes with one side is costing $9. Further, you get a two-meat platter, two sides as well as a muffin at $15 price.

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This Phoenix Barbecue Is The Best Eat Out Ever

Best Food Options To Try At Naked BBQ

When you simply are craving to have your BBQ platter in your own way, Naked BBQ is for you. This restaurant offers their barbecue sans sauce. The meats here are juicy and tender, smoked with a little rub. Moreover, guests get a clean slate here who can prepare their own personalized barbecue meal. You can choose from a wide range of sauces ranging from a South

Carolina mustard-based sauce, North Carolina vinegar sauce, a sweet sauce, or spicy sauce. You can even relish its dry BBQ meat with some extra rub.
Other available choices are preparing a sandwich and meat plates served with different sides, such as mac and cheese, or Carolina slaw.

So, you are free to explore your taste preferences at this amazing restaurant to get your meat ideally as you want. It’s definitely a unique experience for foodies and especially BBQ lovers.

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