Plant-based Meat

Plant-Based Meat Is All Hat And No Cattle

Stocks at Beyond Meat have fallen back to the ground post a considerable increase of $234.90 per share in July end. Beyond-Meat is a plant-based agency that is currently facing some worst circumstances. The stocks of the company closed at $81.45 recently, and this can be an alarming situation for the all-meat industry. What if the industry transforms into a useless burger?

The current meat value at Beyond Meat is six times the size of the entire market for artificial meat, even though the market share of the company is just 2.1%. Discussions regarding the prospects of the company have their focus on the increased competition coming in from established giants of the industry looking to secure their bets.

Plant-Based Meat Is All Hat And No Cattle

Plant-Based Meat: The Big Question

In the year 2017, the largest producer of protein in Canada, namely maple Leaf Foods, purchased Lightlife, which further swallowed approximately 38% of the market for plant-based protein in the United States. Kellogg’s Morningstar and Conagra’s Gardein Farms have been successful in establishing brand recognition and bases.

Manufacturers like Smithfield, JBS and Tyson, are fast joining this plant-based get-together. However, the question here is, will the demand for all-meat increase amongst the consumers, or are the consumers simply try to go for an expensive craving?

This is proof of slippage. Del Taco has reported a downward curve in the sale of Beyond Meat items by 33% in the 3rd quarter. It is also important to note that Tim Hortons has traced the products of Beyond Meat from all the Canadian stores located outside Ontario and British Columbia.

Are Plant-Based Meat Burgers Healthy?

The artificial burger evaluation in Canada did not grab success and was a complete puncture. However, the increase noted in the sales of Popeye’s chicken sandwich points out that there have been no declines in the demand for original meat. Burgers notified as plant-based are in no way healthier than the ones containing meat.

Burgers from Beyond Burger contain 400% extra sodium than what is found in the actual lean burgers. Also, they have the same amount of fats and calories as all-meat burgers. If reports from the NOVA food classification mechanism are to be believed, artificial meat is ultra-processed. It has the possibility of containing more than 40 ingredients, which include methylcellulose, kind of bulking element used in different laxatives, and titanium dioxide, a plastic and paint whitening element.

Plant-Based Meat Is All Hat And No Cattle

The Truth About Fake Meat

Popular brands like Panera are marketing pure foods without or with little additives. However, artificial meat is going in a completely different direction. The deceptive and fake health glory surrounding fake meat is doing nothing but merely changing the thought procedure of the users.

While it is true that artificial meat is in no way healthier than original meat. Around 40% of consumers have put forward the fact that they are into consuming plant-based products only because they want to avoid all kinds of processed foods? But will these consumers continue to eat fake meat when they get to know the truth about the same?

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