Pulled Pork Baked

Pulled Pork Baked In The Oven - Recipe

Have you ever cooked pork for so long but wasn’t happy with the results? Well, today, we bring you a healthy yet tasty pork recipe. It’s a recipe that is simple and tasty. Moreover, the best part it’ll be baked. If you’re wondering what recipe have, we got in store for you, well, we bring to you our pulled pork baked in the oven. 

When To Cook Pulled Pork? 

You can bake the pork for yourself or a family side dish meal. It is also perfect for parties accompanied with refreshing beverages. 

Sounds good? Let’s get to the recipe.

Pulled Pork Baked In The Oven - Recipe
Pulled Pork Baked In The Oven – Recipe

Pulled Pork Baked In Oven Recipe –


Since we’re going to be baking the pork. I would recommend going for the shoulder. A well-sliced pork shoulder is ideal for the recipe. 


Yes, depending on your oven pre-heat it always. For the recipe, a 

275 bc or a 250 bc should be just fine. But then again it depends on the oven, so be careful on this part. 


The pork needs some affection before cooking. I’m talking about patting the meat dry to get it ready for seasoning. 


Let’s now kick in the flavors with some seasoning. 

You will need a mustard! Make sure you rub the yellow mustard all over the pork. It gives it a raw tinge of flavor. 

Next, get some salt, preferably kosher, paprika, garlic, brown sugar, and of course, onions. 

Pulled Pork Baked In The Oven – Recipe

The Cooking Part – Pulled Pork

Now that you’ve got everything set up. You are ready to start hitting the oven. 


The pan is one of the most crucial components for baking. Make sure you use a non-stick pan. 

You can now place your pork with the fat side or muscle facing up on the pan. It allows the fat to seam down the flavors.  

Use A Rack – 

Using a rack is optional. But it does add to the flavor of the pork. Adding water can also keep the pork moist and tender as it cooks.

In case you don’t have a rack, throw in tin foils to elevate the meat. 

Cooking Time: 

The timing ranges from 50 mins to an hour. However, you can also check the temperature. It should reach at least a 195 on the temp. 

Bear in mind that the amount of time to cook depends on the amount of meat. 

One useful tip to make sure your pork is cooking well is the thermometer. It makes cooking that easy. 

Right after you hit that one-hour mark or the 195 temps, remove the pork from the oven. 

You can now transfer in another plate or bowl. Make sure you cover it foil and leave it to rest. A maximum of an hour should do. 

The last bit ends with the hour. 

Shred the meat into pieces.

You can now dig in and claw through the pulled pork. You can either use a fork or be as primitive as possible with your hands.

The pulled pork baked in the oven is up for side dishes as well. Sandwich, if that’s your taste. You can also throw in some pickles, beans, or cheese. 

The cherry on top is the flexibility to have the pork with anything. So, there you have it, pulled pork baked in the oven.

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