Quick Dishes And Sausage Dishes? Never!

Quick Dishes and Sausage Dishes? Never!

Quick Dishes and Sausage Dishes? How is this not an oxymoron?

When my family cooked every meal for the first time, we were all caught off guard. You see, we have been eating more of quick dishes such as Tater Tots and Chicken Cordon Bleu every single meal, every single day of our lives. Since the day I was born, my mother and father have only ever eaten these kinds of dishes once or twice a week.

Know About The Quick Dishes

This is not to say that any particular ones are necessarily better than the other. They are just different.

These quick dieter’s meals are usually loaded with cheese, butter, and a lot of seasonings. The method to cooking them does not necessarily require frying, although some will, but rather steaming and microwaving. Any of these methods can be very tasty.

Quick Dishes and Sausage Dishes? Really? Where have you been all my life?

As kids, we grew up in a family where we would get two types of food – burgers and sausages – usually around the same time, and it would never fail. We often had at least one or two meals a day that consisted of either a burger and sausages combo or perhaps a casserole dish filled with all of these products.

We spent hours researching which recipes we should use. Some parents would use one or two of the recipes and stick to it. Some would double up on a recipe, and I can’t count how many times we have done that.

Some Recipes Of Quick Dishes

Often times, we would use a few of these recipes when the others we used had expired. In retrospect, it seems like such a waste. But that’s what we did.

When we did get sausage, however, we generally got it a little dry. The older we got, the less we enjoyed it. Yet, we would still go back for seconds.

Quick Dishes and Sausage Dishes? Never!
Quick Dishes and Sausage Dishes? Never!

Homemade meals have always been wonderful. They take time and effort, but the end result is quite amazing. Even when they don’t taste the same as the fast food and store bought versions, it doesn’t take long to make them your own.

Just imagine, for a moment, you can literally go to a friend’s house and come home with a healthy, home cooked meal. You can feel great about yourself, and the meal will taste even better. It is much better for you, too.

Bottom Line

Everyone wins. Everyone wins when they eat the right foods. So start making the kind of food you want to eat.

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