The Hunger Of Meat

Save The Planet From The Hunger Of Meat

Saving the planet from the hunger of meat has been an essential concern of economists. The growing appetite of Chinese for red meat creates an alarming situation for Artic areas and Latin American forests. With the rise in China’s economic growth over the years, people there have significantly improved their food habits. It has led to an increase in meat intake. According to research done, the growing appetite for red meat and beef resulted in the rise in imports 40 times between 2010-2018.

Save The Planet From The Hunger Of Meat
Save The Planet From The Hunger Of Meat

Hunger Of Meat

This drastic increase has created fear in the minds of rural people rearing cattle. The population of China is.1.4 billion approximately. As per the UN report in 2013, meat consumption in China was 61.05 kg. Whereas in comparison to 115.13 kilograms in the US. It is essential to restrict meat consumption in all countries not specifically in China. In the end, it is our responsibility to save our planet. 

Save The Planet From The Hunger Of Meat
Save The Planet From The Hunger Of Meat

Some Facts To Clear About Hunger Of Meat

·         Pork undoubtedly is the most consumed meat in the world. Flesh mostly prefers in western countries. The other kind was beef prevalent in poultry, beef, and mutton.

  • ·         ·The country highest in the consumption of Pork is China. If we talk about the facts, an average Chinese consumes about 40 kg of meat in a year. Pork’s use leads to half of the world population in this country.
  • ·         Swine flew in Africa has eradicated hundreds of pigs. China has increased the prices by 70%, due to this. Many people in the rural areas of China are selling dogs and rabbits at a much lower cost in China. 
  • ·         The African Swine Flew doesn’t affect the people residing there, but it is very harmful to pigs.
  • ·         In Xinhua, there are about 50 million vegetarians who come under the 4 percent population living in China.

 Hong Kong’s Love With Meat Affecting Our Planet

 Meat hunger and imports of beef and pork have resulted in the rise of climatic change. The consumption needs to control and most importantly cut by 90 percent. In order to avoid the draining of the essential resources available on our planet. An initiative needs to be taken by people of every country by changing their habits. Maximum use of sustainable methods to save our world. As every individual can make a difference by reducing their consumption of meat, pork and poultry products.

The excess intake of meat has also created health problems like blood pressure and diabetes among humans, too, along with its deadly effects on animals. So we all are under a liability and have a remarkable stake in saving our environment so that in the future, the situation does not get worse. Every individual should pay back what he has taken from the atmosphere by planting more trees and not disturbing our ecological balance. Consumption of meat is destructing our environment in a massive way, and the primary responsibility not only lies in the country but is an individual responsibility itself.

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