Delicious Pork Recipes

The pig meat recipes are a joy to prepare for your family. You can prepare them leisurely during weekends and watch your loved ones gorge on them silently. We have provided you with recipes of the pork pie and the lard pastry.

However, you need to make sure that you have the right kind of cookware to prepare the dishes for your loved ones. That ensures the pork is cooked well and more importantly, you can serve them in an attractive manner on the plate when your family plans to dine.

Some Delicious Pig Meat Recipes To Try Out During Weekends
Some Delicious Pig Meat Recipes To Try Out During Weekends

Pork Pie And Lard Pastry

To prepare the pork pie you need 2 pounds of pork preferably the shoulder part, 2 pounds of the pig feet, a large onion that is sliced, thyme leaf that is dried, bay leaf, 3 cloves, salt, peppercorns, and hot water.

For preparing the lard pastry, you will need a large chopped onion, 1-teaspoon sage, salt, pepper, butter, water, one egg yolk, and milk. To start, you need to get rid of the fat and bone present in the pork.

Some Delicious Pig Meat Recipes To Try Out During Weekends

The fat can be removed completely. The pork has to be cut into cubes. Place it inside the refrigerator for using later. You need to take bones of the pig, feet, cloves, onion, salt, peppercorns, thyme, bay leaf, inside a kettle.

Add some boiling water to the ingredients and cover it. Use the high heat and then reduce the heat. Let it cook for few hours. Then you need to remove the feet and the bones. Remove the meat from the bones.

You can now allow the broth to cool and then throw away the fat. The broth should be boiled for few hours. This lets the broth become reduced to few cups. Heat your oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit.

Make use of a large pan and keep it ready. Take the lard pastry and roll it in a round shape. Make it into the shape, which allows it to place on the sides as well. Press the lard pastry firmly onto the pan.

Now you can place the pork into the pan. Add some salt, sage, pepper, and use butter. Take the dough and then roll into a round shape. Place it on the meat and then moisten the edge of the pork.

Some Delicious Pig Meat Recipes To Try Out During Weekends

You have to seal the crust of the dough and cut a small hole. Through the hole, you need to add some water. Now, place it in the oven for 4 hours and bake it until the pastry become brown. After 3 hours remove the pastry and beat the egg with some milk.

Then apply it using a brush on the pastry. Heat the broth that was cooked initially and pour gently over the hole of the pastry. Let it cool for few hours and serve using wedges and thick slices of potato.

Though this pig meat recipe seems time, consuming the effort put in will seem worth your effort when you have served it. The joy and amazement of your family will blow your mind away.

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