Tasty Indian Meat Dishes You Ought To Try Once In Your Lifetime

Indian Meat Dishes

When it comes to rich flavors and spicy food, there is hardly any country that can beat India. This is a country known all over the world not only for its culture, heritage and colors, but also for its wide varieties of food. There is hardly any country in India that does not have its specialty and the street food… Oh! I am salivating already! And among all of these flavorful recipes lay the Indian meat dishes that are even more delectable.

So, if you ever visit India, here are a few Indian meat dishes that you have to try before you fly out from the country. Trust me, if you haven’t had a taste of these even after visiting the country, your life is surely going to be unfulfilled.

1. Butter Chicken

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First made in a little Indian café named Moti Mahal, hidden in the roads of Daryaganj, New Delhi, butter chicken was made right in the core of this Asian city. During the 1950s, the eatery was claimed by a man called Kundan Lal Gurjal, who accidentally discovered a dish that would turn into a global top pick.

Made using leftover sauces, blended in with a gravy made using tomatoes and butter, bits of chicken are added to prepare a dish that brilliantly uses up all the leftovers. Little did the culinary experts realize that this dish would soon get the tag of one of India’s, and for sure the world’s, most loved Indian delicacies.

2. Rogan Josh

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This specific Indian dish originates from the Kashmir Valley locale of India. Rice and meat have been staple nourishments for Kashmiris for quite a long time, and this continues, for example, the Rogan Josh. Most normally appreciated with lamb, Rogan Josh was brought to Kashmir by the Mughals – individuals who occupied India during the 18th Century. It is said that this dish was vigorously impacted by Persian culture, yet has taken on its own arrangement under Indian cooking.

3. Vindaloo

While this may bring the popular English serenade ‘Vindaloo’ to mind, it’s in reality more normally known as one of the most sweltering Indian curries you can test. Originating from Goa, this red hot delicacy may not be the most sweltering curry out there, however, would give any flavor fan a delectable meat dish.

4. Biryani

Just like the Rogan Josh, Biryani is believed to be a Mughal dish, enlivened by Persian food; albeit various locales of India guarantee to have made this one-pot dish, so the set of experiences stays somewhat foggy. A biryani has consistently been a deliciously blended rice dish, containing numerous flavors and any kind of meat.

5. Tunde Ke Kabab

A marginally lesser known Indian dish, the Tunde Ke Kabab originated in the Lucknow region of India. Its principle ingredient is generally wild ox meat, blended in with 160 flavors – so the story goes. The name is said to be from a mainstream eating spot in Lucknow, known as Tunday Kababi.

Wrapping Up

So these were our top picks of the Indian meat dishes that you ought to try when in the country. Don’t forget to let us know how you liked it when you taste them!

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