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The Best Meat Delivery Deals On Black Friday And Cyber Monday

When Thanksgiving comes around, so do the other days revolving around come around. These are namely Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which are all about shopping with deals and discounts, and in excess. Since this year’s holiday season is finally here, we have now arrived in the month of gift-giving and joy. Every single company provides its customers with huge, hefty discounts, beginning on Black Friday and extending to and beyond Cyber Monday, the day when companies blast you with their offer emails as if there is no tomorrow. However, some of these offers are very appealing. For example, meat-selling and meat delivery companies are one of these types of companies. Here are some great meat pack deals this weekend.

1. Snake River Farms

The Best Meat Delivery Deals On Black Friday And Cyber Monday
The Best Meat Delivery Deals On Black Friday And Cyber Monday

Located in the Northwest, Snake River Farms sells the kinds of meats that may act as a little piece of heaven for chefs. Snake River Farms sells meat packs of American Wagyu, which is known for its tenderness and succulent flavor. USDA prime beef is also one of their bestsellers, as is the Kurobota Berkshire pork. All the pigs and cows are raised in impressive, sustainable, and humane conditions. You may use the code CYBER4 or CYBER8 on their website to get a discount of 20% and 35%, on four and eight products, respectively.

2. Carnivore Club

Carnivore Club does not sell raw meat packs, but it is a subscription service well-known for delivering to your doorstep premium cured meats. This includes the European varieties of salamis and saucisses such as French charcuterie, South African biltong, and Italian salumi. Avail a 20% discount on Carnivore Club using the code CM20 while purchasing any of their products.

3. Porter Road

Porter Road is one of the best and most environmentally sustainable meat pack delivery companies. They even use environmentally sustainable materials for packaging their products – the packaging is made out of corn-based foam. This was a smart move by the meat pack delivery company because this foam can be used as fuel for your barbeque, instead of the generic coal. They sell beef, lamb, chicken, and pork, and make sure that they use no chemicals and antibiotics. The animal growth is natural as can be; basically, they’re selling you organic meat of terrific quality. You can choose to buy separate products such as lamb T-bones, New York strip steaks, etc., or you can go for an assorted meat pack box deal. You may use the code PORTER20 or PORTER50 for $20 and $50 off on orders of $100 or $200 or more, respectively. Additionally, Porter Road offers free shipping for orders above $100.

4. ButcherBox

ButcherBox is another subscription service that offers three main types of meat that are raised and bred in a wholly organic and environmentally friendly manner. For first-time or new subscribers, they offer a giant meat pack worth $75 for free, right alongside the first order. This offer is not for Cyber Monday, but limited periods while stocks last.

5. Rastelli’s

Rastelli’s sells meat that is entirely customizable to your preferences. Their meat is bred sustainably and free of any chemicals or antibiotics. Rastelli was initially a tiny butcher shop in New Jersey, but they expanded, and now they have a business shipping frozen meat all over the country. You can use the code CNET30 to get a 30% discount with your first order at Rastelli’s.

6. Meat Pack: Omaha Steaks

As the name says, this company is based in Omaha, Nebraska. It is one of the oldest meat pack delivery companies in the United States, and they use this fact majorly in their advertising and marketing as well. While they don’t grow their produce as organically as the others, their 100-year-old business tradition guarantees the best quality of meat. On Cyber Monday, the entire Omaha Steaks website will have a 50% discount, and on orders $60 and above, free shipping as well.

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