Red Meat Rethink

The Red Meat Rethink Is It Good Or Bad?

Red meat refers to the meat of mammals that is red when in the raw form. Beef, pork, and lamb are the most common red meats. Human beings have been consuming red meat since time immemorial. But there are a lot of debates and controversies whether it is good for human health or not, we should rethink about it. Some such speculations are discussed: 

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The Red Meat Rethink Is It Good Or Bad?

Is The Quality Of Red Meat Good? 

People of the previous ages had better digestive systems to handle rich foods like red meat. But the meat of the present times is different from the ones that were available in the past. Gone are the days when animals used to graze freely on fresh grass and other foods. Today animals are reared in factories where they are given hormones and antibiotics to promote their growth. They are hardly given any natural food to eat, instead, they fed with only grain-based food. 

Even after being slaughter, preservatives are use and other chemicals to make them last longer. Some are also smoke to increase their longevity. All these factors interfere in the quality of the red meat. Hence, it is advisable to get the red meat from trusted butchers only. Do take a close look at the meat before buying it. 

Is Red Meat Nutritious? 

Red meat is full of nutrition and loaded with a lot of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Red meat also contains other nutrients like carnosine and creatine. Grass-fed beef has a high content of omega-3, vitamin A and fatty acid CLA. Apart from these, red meat is an excellent source of zinc, iron, protein, vitamin B12, etc. The proteins present in red meat contributes to the building of bones and muscles. 

Red meat is healthy only to the extent if you go for the right cuts of lamb or beef. Also, it should be consumed only in a certain amount.  

Side Effects Of Red Meat

Excess consumption of red meat has adverse effects on your health. It can cause cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and even death. But it is be noted here that not all red meats have the same effect. Studies have found that processed red meat poses a greater risk of danger as compared to fresh ones. Processed meats are one of the root causes of diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and so on. 

Red meat has also been proved to make you more prone to cancer. Colorectal cancer is mostly caused due to the excess consumption of red meat.

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The Red Meat Rethink Is It Good Or Bad?

Correlation Is Not Equivalent To Causation

Studies that prove the ill effects of red meat are observational ones. It is difficult to rely on. Such studies only display correlation. They suggest that people having red meat are more prone to get sick. But they cannot prove that the consumption of red meat is the only cause. Nobody knows the other food habits of the red meat-eaters. They may be chain smokers or addicted to alcohol, or may consume a lot of sugar. Hence, it is advisable to set limitations to play safe when it comes to red meat.      

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