The Truth About Red Meat That You Should Know

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While it’s easy to take the truth about red meat and turn it into a myth, there are actually some facts about red meat that need to be cleared up. Some of these truths are things you want to know.

The Truth About Red Meat That You Should Know
The Truth About Red Meat That You Should Know

Red meat is indeed high in protein. It also contains a lot of iron. The excess iron can lead to high blood pressure and damage the heart, but we eat so much red meat every day that there isn’t enough iron in our diets to really worry about.


Red meat also contains saturated fat. This type of fat is a bad thing for people with high cholesterol because it clogs up their arteries and makes them very sick. Unfortunately, too much of this kind of fat in the diet can lead to cancer, too.

Finally, red meat is indeed full of carbohydrates, just like all other foods. These carbs, which come from starch grains, sugar, and bread, cause the blood sugar to spike, then crash and spike again. If you are diabetic, it means that you are in danger of high blood sugar, but it is still important to eat the right kinds of carbs.

Let’s start with the basics, and then we’ll talk about what the truth about red meat really is. It is true that red meat is full of protein and fat.

Meat is high in protein, especially lean meat because of the animal’s large amount of muscle. Fatty cuts of meat have the highest amounts of protein. The protein in meat also contains a lot of iron, and it is part of the reason that eating meat is beneficial to the heart.

Truth About Red Meat

Iron is necessary for our bodies. But, if we’re not getting enough iron in our diets, we can damage our hearts and bodies. Iron supplements are safe for everyone, but it would be smart to try and get more iron from natural sources.

Another thing to note is that meat is high in carbohydrates and saturated fats. These types of fats can cause people to gain weight, which is exactly what the people who have excess fat in their diets want. Most people do not want to be overweight, but that doesn’t mean that eating meat is okay.

Know More About Red Meat

In fact, a vegetarian diet can provide the essential nutrients needed to live a healthy life. Vegetarians can get all the vitamins and minerals they need, without being distracted by the meat in their diets. Since so many vegetarians choose to eat meat on a regular basis, it is important to understand the truth about meat.

So, where do the myths about the truth about meat really come from? They may start in large, well-funded studies that may promote their own agenda by creating what looks like startling revelations. They may be funded by industries that have an interest in keeping and meat on our plates.

Bottom Line

The Truth About Red Meat That You Should Know
The Truth About Red Meat That You Should Know

That’s why you should be cautious about taking the findings of these studies at face value. However, that’s just how biased scientists work, by convincing us to think one way about something while secretly hoping that we come to a different conclusion.

That’s why the truth about meat needs to be looked at carefully. We all want to eat healthily, but it’s important to remember that sometimes a little healthy advice is good for our health.

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