Including Meat In A Healthy Diet

Tips On Including Meat In A Healthy Diet

Meat makes up a substantial part of a distinctive diet in different parts across the world. It offers vitamins, fats, minerals, proteins, and other nutrients that are beneficial for the health and the well-being of individuals. Nevertheless, there are some components like saturated fats that can have adverse effects on the health of a person. So, it is quite likely for people to wonder how they can include it in a well-balanced and healthy diet. Well, there are several easy ways to do so. You need to start by picking healthier cuts and by trying to cook it in healthier ways. Enjoying this food product in moderation is the key to keep things working for you.

Tips On Including Meat In A Healthy Diet

Make Healthy Choices

As has already been pointed out, making healthier choices when purchasing it will help you in having a balanced and healthy regular diet. Go for leaner options. A rule of thumb is to avoid uncommonly white varieties. These will have more fat. Take for example; streaky bacon contains more fat in comparison to back bacon. Some tips that can help you with the choice of healthier options are:

  • When buying pre-packed varieties, check nutrition labels for seeing the fat content and also compare different products.
  • Ask the butcher for leaner cuts.
  • Choose chicken and turkey without skin as these will be low in fat. You also have the option of removing the skin before cooking.
  • Restrict the use of processed variations like salami, sausages, beef burgers, and pate. These are high in their fat content and even high in salt.
  • Do not consume pastries, sausage rolls, and pies that contain it.
  • Reduce fat when preparing the dishes.
Tips On Including Meat In A Healthy Diet

Ways Of Reducing Fat When Cooking Meat

There are different ways of reducing the fat content prior to cooking.

  • Avoid frying. Grill instead. This is because grilled products contain less fat and do not result in high cholesterol levels.
  • Do not add extra oil or fat when preparing dishes that include beef or turkey.
  • Use metal racks for roasting meat instead of roasting tins. This helps in cutting off the fat.
  • Use small amounts. Incorporate more veggies into your dishes. You can also go for starchy foods and pulses in dishes like casseroles, curries, and stews.
  • Either broil or bake red meat as this is a healthy way of eating fewer carcinogens while getting the minerals and vitamins from it. Baking in a microwave or as part of stewing is a healthier alternative than frying the same. Braising or broiling in an oven is less heat-intensive, which means it will be low in its fat content.

Whenever you verge out on the process of preparing certain meaty dishes, it would be wise to use good quality vegetable oils such as canola oil, olive oil, peanut oil, avocado oil or sunflower oil. Vegetable-based oils are healthier options than animal fats and butter. So, it is wise to keep your culinary space stocked with these oils for a healthy meaty inclusion in your diet.

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