Top 4 British Meat Pie Recipe To Enjoy In All Festivals

british meat pie recipe

Sweet, savoury, shortcrust or puff pastry – even no pastry at all – pies have been the course of British and Irish connoisseur love affairs after all the 12th century, when the pie crust was called a “coffin” and the dish dwell of more crust than filling, unlike the pies we eat today. Like Magpie birds, collectors of things, “pies” are titled after these critters because in their goofy cases you can “assemble” anything you want.

In Britain and Ireland, commonly a pie has both a base and a covering of pastry. When it is a base only, the pie is generally called a tart. Sweet and creamy, sugary custards, vegetables, and potatoes, mince, fruity fillings, and all sorts of meats, Irish and British pies have it all. This British Meat Pie Recipe is so tasty that you’ll go crazy after eating this.

Below are the top 4 British Meat Pie Recipe that you’ll love absolutely

and prepare for your family and friends.

Savoury Pastry Pie

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This British Meat Pie Recipe is a great extreme or supper dish. Most are also great cold and so are splendid for a lunch box, a party, or a picnic. All of them help from the filling being made the day before, if possible, which gives time for the flavors to develop. Use a pre-made pie crust or frozen pie dough if you’re pressed for time:

Guinness And Beef Pie

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The cheery filling of this pie is formed out of beef, Worcestershire sauce, tomatoes, onions, and Guinness. Such an astonishing sequence of ingredients makes a savory pie tender. If you have time to make the pastry from scratch, do not miss the chance: the curiously flavorful crust adoption lard and the result is beautifully buttery and golden brown. This is a very tasty British Meat Recipe that you’ll surely love.

Chicken Leek And Prune Pie

This British Meat Recipe is a traditional pie from Wales that uses arcane, prunes, onions, cream, and salty caerphilly cheese in a pie of chicken. Admitting the ingredient sequence sounds odd at first but give this pie a shot. It’s not only fabulously easy to make but it’s delectable. Make the mixture with chicken stock and wine as cooking liquids, and add tarragon and mustard for an amazing kick. The pie cooks in just 25 minutes and it has been assembled, giving you enough time to make some side vegetables

Venison Pie

This British Meat Recipe you’ll surely love. Cook the meat for 1 hour and a half ahead filling your pre-made pastry layer. Alike if you are not used to consuming game meats, this is a good way to try the venison for the first time, thanks to a pungent & delicious stew that simulates beef fret you’ve had before, excluding the meat is rigid and drier but equally tasty.


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