Top 8 Best Beef Cuts

Top 8 Best Beef Cuts For Meaty Dinner

The quality of steak hugely depends on its age and marbling. Another element that can affect the grade of meat is the cut. A great cut of steak can be vital in deciding the success of your barbecue. Different cuts come with different properties. For instance, Filet Mignon is tender in nature while Hangar is the toughest guy on the list. Here are some best beef cuts along with their properties to make your dinner tasty and appetizing.


Tri-Tip is also popularly known as ‘’Santa Maria steak” cut. This meat cut is most liked by people from Central Valley and Central Coast locations of California. It is full of flavor, has low fat and is cheaper than its counterparts. Tri-Tip is savory and flavorful due to its tender texture with excellent marbling. It tastes great when it is marinated before grilling.


Porterhouse steak is one of the most prominent steak cuts. This is because porterhouse is a fusion of two different steaks. It has the goodness of Filet Mignon cut on one side and tenderness of New York Strip on another. Porterhouse has a large section of tenderloin compared to loin portion. It can be grilled, broiled, sautéed or pan-fried.

Top 8 Best Beef Cuts For Meaty Dinner
Top 8 Best Beef Cuts For Meaty Dinner

Filet Mignon

Filet steak comes from the most tender part of the cow. It lacks savory flavors as it is boneless in nature. It can be paired with bacon or served with sauces and spices to load it with missing flavor. Filet beef can be broiled or grilled but needs to be prepared quickly to maintain its goodness.


As the name suggests, this steak comes in the form of T-structured bone. It largely resembles Porterhouse but has lesser portions of filet mignon. This steak contains a small portion of tenderloins and is cut nearer to front. They are best when broiled/grilled at medium-rare temperature.


Flank is one of the most celebrated beef cuts. It is abundant in connective tissues which fill it with awesome flavors but take away it’s tenderness. It is prepared by cutting into thin slices across the grain. This steak is often marinated before broiling or grilling.

New York Strip

New York Strip is classic steak that can be found in any steak house. It is flavor-filled cut packed with excellent marbling and tenderness. It is mostly cooked rare, or blue, so as to bring out its flavors and tender texture. This steak is globally known as ‘club steak’ and is most ideal for grilling.

Top 8 Best Beef Cuts For Meaty Dinner
Top 8 Best Beef Cuts For Meaty Dinner


Rib-Eye is favorite steak of every beef lover across the globe. Its luscious marbling texture renders it tender, juicy and delicious. Rib-Eye is usually boneless and should be quickly grilled or broiled in order to preserve its taste. Rib-Eye steak that comes along with bone is termed as ‘Rib Steak’.


Hangar steak is least tender of all the steaks. Although it lacks tender texture, it is filled with amazing flavors. It tastes best when it is marinated before a quick grill/broil on high heat and served medium-rare or rare so as to avoid toughness.

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