What you should know about rabbit meat

Rabbits Meat Benefits

Metadata: Many won’t consider rabbit meat as part of their regular source of meat. However, the consumption of rabbit meat has consistently risen in the past year. We shall look at the benefits of consuming rabbit meat in this article.

Although rabbit meat is still relatively unknown, the health benefits and nutritional value is the focus of this article. Often, rabbit meat is placed in the category of game. The meaning of this category implies that rabbit meat is obtained through hunting.

Specifically, it is found under the category of a ground game. However, most rabbit meats consumed annually come from those domesticated as livestock. It is essential to know that the breading rabbit’s agricultural name for meat, wool, is called cuniculture.

Rabbit kept domestically are referred to as poultry. Rabbit meat is categorized according to size. Young rabbits refer to those who weight 0.7 kg or more but less than 1.6kg and are less than three months of age. On the other hand, rabbits with a weight of 1.8kg with over eight months are called roasters.

Rabbit meat benefits

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We shall look at the benefits of rabbit meat next. Our focus will be on health benefits. We have listed a few of these benefits below.

· Diabetes

Dieticians often recommend rabbit meat for patients with diabetes. The main reason for this recommendation is the low fat and low cholesterol qualities of rabbit meat. From research, the nutritional value of rabbit meat is equivalent to that of fish.

Rabbit meat contains a molecule called linoleic fatty acid, which is in conjugated form. This acid has the potential to improve diabetic conditions, fight obesity. Rabbit meat has shown more nutritional value than other monogastric animals.

· Cancer

Doctors often speak about the role red meat play in the advancement of cancer cells. Rabbit meat represents a type of white meat that will help you halt the advance of cancer cells. The presence of linoleic acid has an anti-carcinogenic effect that gives rabbit meat the capability to fight cancer growth.

Rabbit meat is especially effective against gastric cancer.

· Cardiovascular help

Those with cardiovascular health challenges often avoid meat. However, rabbit meat is different from the rest. Rabbit meat contains the smallest amount of saturated fat.

It also contains the lowest amount of sodium. Hence, it is the best option for people with hypertension too.

· High calcium and phosphorus content

Rabbit meat has more calcium content than any other meat out there. The phosphorus content is also higher than any other meat. This high content of these minerals makes rabbit meat great for both adults and children.

Calcium and phosphorus are great for bone development in children. They are great for proper dentition too. In adults, these minerals prevent a condition called osteoarthritis, which implies the breaking of bones and joint pains resulting from the degeneration of the cartilage.

· High vitamin C content

The presence of vitamin C in rabbit meat makes it an excellent choice for the prevention of infections. Vitamin C works to prevent a disease called scurvy in children, which is a disease that affects dental arrangements.


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From the number of benefits discussed here, you can see that rabbit meat has many benefits. It is a lot healthier for you and less expensive than any other meat. Hence, you should include rabbit meat in your diet from now.

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