5 Ways To Cook Meat With These Simple Tips

5 Ways To Cook Meat With These Simple Tips

It’s that time of year again when we head into our kitchens for a family dinner. There are 5 ways to cook meat effectively that you should know. How many dishes do you know are seasoned by the method of “Meat Cooking?”

5 Ways To Cook Meat With These Simple Tips
5 Ways To Cook Meat With These Simple Tips

All of us can relate to the joys of food in our families, especially those of us who are on the receiving end of a tender meal or two each week. Even as a child, I was a steak and potatoes man. A kid that loves to eat meat cooked in the most unusual ways. My tastes are eclectic. But the one thing that held me back from going all out and cooking my meals was throwing the food.

5 Ways To Cook Meat

I was able to purchase canned and boxed meat at the grocery store and get my hands on the occasional piece of meat from the butcher shop or the local farmer’s market. Still, it wasn’t until I attended college and a career change that I had enough disposable income to buy in bulk and cook in my own kitchen what I used to buy frozen or rent for the whole year. It is this same mentality that continues to keep me home-cooking rather than heading out to a local restaurant on the weekend.

The flip side of meat cooking being the proverbial. “If you can’t be trusted with the secret recipe then why would you go to all the trouble of making your own?” It may be one of the major reasons why people balk at the idea of making their own meals. Having to learn the nuts and bolts of a certain cooking method may seem like an intimidating task. But in reality, it’s not as hard as it may seem at first.

Meat Cooking

There are actually a number of different ways to make a real difference in the way your meals are prepared. Some people will want to be able to cook meat on the grill, while others may prefer a slow cooker that holds a steady temperature that will never go out. A few other options may include the use of a professional-grade meat thermometer, an infrared oven, and even the traditional saute pan and a few spices.

But the best way to get started in meat cooking is with the tip that everyone is most familiar with: the sausage cutter. Whether they choose to use a large bread knife, a serrated meat slicer, or a smaller knife for deeper cuts, there are five simple tips that can make a huge difference in the quality of the end product.

Before beginning your meat cutting activities, make sure to wash all of your equipment and cutlery. This includes your knives, food processor, and your cutting board. This simple step will ensure that any bacteria that may be present on the surface are completely removed. It will guarantee that any bacteria that may have been present on the surfaces are eliminated by the washing process. You can also use a little elbow grease to remove grime from the surface of your cutting boards.

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Next, you should brush clean your knives and cutting boards. Avoid using a toothbrush since they can cause a buildup of grime, grease, and dust on the surface. You should use some kind of abrasive pad that doesn’t scratch the surface. Simply remove the last traces of any dust or grime and then take a good brush and clean your board.

The next step involves protecting your cutting board from any accidental spills or splashes from moisture. You can do this by applying a little oil to the surface of the board. Oil does not require a spray bottle; you can simply wipe it on with a dry cloth. Once the board is dry, you can spray on some cooking spray. The added benefit of the spray helps to seal in the moisture and keep your meat safe from spills.

Bottom Line

5 Ways to Cook Meat
5 Ways to Cook Meat With These Simple Tips

For those who are afraid of using vegetable oil, you can use olive oil instead. You can use unsalted or salted butter to deep fry the meat or toss it on the grill. You can also be a little more creative with your meat and try something like mashed potatoes to go with your smoked salmon.

Lastly, you should try to use your best judgment when it comes to portioning your portions. For example, instead of making a dish such as hot dogs that need to be divided into small pieces, fry a few pieces that have large chunks of beef or prime ribeye.

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