French Meat Pie – Simple And Sweet

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The French have their own version of the classic meat pie. It is called Trooste, which translates as “dive-mouth”. This pie is usually served with a white wine and a fruit salad. A very simple yet satisfying French meat pie recipe! This dish can be served either hot or cold.

In this classic pie, the ingredients used are the same as for other types of pies, but the recipe uses a special sauce. The standard sauce for a French pie is prepared using flour, butter, cream cheese, chicken broth (thickened), and cream. Other specialty recipes include substituting turkey bacon for the regular ground beef in the flour mixture.

Ideas For Chicken Lovers

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For chicken lovers, you might want to use poultry instead of plain lean meat. If you prefer duck or salmon, then use those instead. Just remember to keep the sauce the same. Also, reduce the amount of fat, and/or oil, added to compensate for the lesser amount of fat. Remove any excess sauce, if any, and you’re done!

One very nice way to change up the flavor of a standard meat pie is to add a nice soy or teriyaki sauce to it. This combination of sauces adds a great spicy taste to your dish. Try it on the side with your baked potatoes. You’ll love the extra spiciness!

Another fun option for sauces is to make your own. There are many recipes on the internet that allow you to customize your own sauce. Don’t be intimidated! It’s pretty simple stuff really. All you need are some dried red pepper flakes, Worcestershire sauce, chicken bouillon, chicken broth, and heavy cream. Mix these three components together and cook on the stove over medium heat until the sauce becomes thick.

Spice Up Your Pie

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Another way to spice up your pie is to drizzle a little sauce over the top. Make sure you only use quality ingredients for this recipe (we prefer garlic powder for flavoring). Then take a piece of cheese and put it in the bottom of your pie, then top with the red pepper flakes and your chicken broth. You can also drizzle a little lemon juice over the top for a nice sweet touch!

The final step is to bake your delicious French pie right from the start. It’s best to cook it on a hot summer day, but not necessary. Just remember to serve it warm! Bon Appetite! !

Cooking A French Meat Pie Is So Simple

The secret is simplicity. There are no complicated ingredients, or cooking methods. The spices just bring out the delicious flavors of the chicken, and the crust is easy to work with. With a bit of practice, you’re sure to master this easy recipe.

Start by taking a chopping board and chopping all the ingredients into fine pieces. Then you will need to combine them together with a wire whisk, until they become a smooth paste. Then you will add your dry ingredients (the crust) to the wet and blend everything well until your pastry has the consistency of whipped cream. Then you will spoon the filling into your pie crust and bake it until the pastry is done. Just be sure to keep checking to make sure the filling doesn’t burn.

You might want to serve your chicken with some cranberry sauce to dip it in. Or maybe some fresh cranberry sauce, if you have some on hand. A few drops of apple cider vinegar would also go nicely. Serve the pie with some potato salad and baked rolls to round off your meal. Add fresh flowers if you like, and you’re all set!

The great thing about this dish is that there is really only a few simple ingredients. Chicken, crust, onions, and butter. Which makes it very easy to customize to your taste buds! I used a mix of ground beef, turkey, ground chicken, and green peppers, plus some cranberries on top for the sweetness. If you don’t have green peppers, just use red peppers.

Last Words

For the crust, you will need your favorite Graham cracker crumbs. And then you will need flour. Some eggs are good too! What are you waiting for? Let the good times begin!

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