Pigeon Meat Benefits- Know About It

pigeon meat benefits

Technically pigeon meat is understood as “Squab”. This meat tastes like dark chicken. The word “Squab” comes from Scandinavian origin. The Swedish word skvabb means “loose or fat flesh”. Earlier it had been used for all dove and pigeon species, like the ringdove, Zenaidura macroura, the extinct-in-the-wild socorro dove, and therefore the now-extinct Ectopistes migratorius passenger pigeon and their meat.

Nutrition Value of Pigeon Meat

Pigeon meat has high nutritious value. Pigeon meat has high protein and low fat. It contains 25% more protein than rabbit’s meat, cattle’s meat, chicken, ducks, geese, dogs and other meats. The protein contained in many essential amino acids the physical human body, and therefore the digestion and absorption rate of 95%, pigeon meat, the fat content of only 0.73%, less than other meat, is that the ideal food of mankind. Pigeon eggs are referred to as “animal ginseng” and are rich in protein.

Health Value of Pigeon Meat

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Pigeons aren’t only nutritious, and there are some health effects, can prevent many diseases. Pigeons are very useful for the liver and kidney, vigor and vitality, brain make God, improve memory, reduce vital signs, adjust blood glucose, beauty, delicate white skin, longevity.

Pigeon liver contains the simplest choline, can help the body observe use of cholesterol and stop, and prevent atherosclerosis. Pigeon bones are very beneficial for us and rich in chondroitin, it enhances the degree of skin elasticity, improves blood circulation, ruddy and other effects. Pigeons also rich in pantothenic acid, on the anti-hair loss, white hair, etc. have an honest effect. Pigeon contains more open chain amino acids and arginine can promote protein synthesis, accelerate wound healing.

Used in Medicines

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As living standards are improving in our country, people have higher requirements for diet and health, and there are more and more sorts of food, not only nutritious but also healthy. In recent years, pigeons have gradually become people’s top delicacies on the table. The meat of pigeons is tender and delicious.

Chinese medicine also believes that pigeon meat has the consequences of nourishing the liver and strengthening the kidney, nourishing qi and blood, clearing heat and detoxification, and promoting liquid body substance and thirst, so it’s suitable for chronic illnesses and physical weakness. Liver and kidney insufficiency, vertigo in adulthood, sore waist and knees, weak qi and blood, loss of qi and yin, insufficient qi and blood and amenorrhea caused by menorrhagia in women.

Beneficial For Our Blood And Organs

Beside the high of its Proteins and minerals, there are another nutritions in pigeon’s meat that also even have many benefits for our body, such as:

  1. Optimizing the function of liver and kidney
  2. Increasing our memories and intelligence
  3. Reducing vital signs
  4. Controlling blood glucose

Pigeon’s Liver And Bones Also Beneficial For Us

The liver of pigeons also contains choline that helps our body to use cholesterol and stop atherosclerosis (a disease during which plaque builds up inside your arteries). While within the bones of this bird, there’s a substance that increases elasticity of skin and improves blood circulation.

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