Why Meat Grilling Charts Are Important

meat grilling charts

Many people around the world want to grill meat though when they do either it burns or either it stays half raw. Meat grilling is not that difficult though we need proper knowledge about how to grill it. Here I will tell you it’s important and how.

Diverse Temperature Requirement

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Every type of meat requires a specific temperature for them to be grilled properly. Normally Beef requires a temperature of 350-450 Fahrenheit while pork and chicken require 350-450 Fahrenheit. These Grilling charts have temperature set in them. Pork chop, requires this much. Chicken breast this much, Steak boneless has different temperature, Steak bone has different. Just like this Every type of meat has different temperature requirements based on their texture and strength of the fiber that holds them together. Grilling meat will no longer remain a mystery to you once you follow these charts and set the oven on correct temperatures.

Diverse Time Requirement

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There is something different about turkey and chicken that is grilled rather than cooked. The meat is more juicy and it just melts in your mouth. Though we know that different meat requires different temperatures. But different parts of meat require different amounts of time to be grilled properly. Hamburger and kababs require 3-4 minutes whereas sirloin tips require 16-25 minutes. While a whole chicken requires at least 60 minutes to be grilled whole fish requires just 12 minutes. In the same way different parts of the same meat require different temperatures, like Lamb rib and sirloin require 3-6 minutes, Lamp leg pieces require at least 40 minutes to be grilled properly.

This diversification in the requirements of different kinds of meat is what lets people see that grilling is a really tough task and an art that can only be performed by a master. Which is not the case.

Properly Organized Chart

Grilling charts have all the information you need to make any type of meat. How much should you cook? How well should you cook? Till how much time you have to cook? How much soft would you like your meat to be? They have everything. It is an Atlast. It has all the maps to find the treasure island of meat making. Follow the chart and there you are with the most tasty meat you want.

Marination Information

These charts also provide you with information about how much you need to marinate the meat. How much time it requires to soften so that it can properly be grilled. These charts always come in handy.


As you have seen how helpful meat grilling charts are, how much information they provide. So next time you want to taste good meat. You don’t need to run to the restaurant that does not know how you like your meat. How much grilled do you want? Prepare yourself a grill, buy a chart, it isn’t that expensive. You can see it even on the internet. Prepare your meat and enjoy.

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